AMHA Breeders Directory 2018 AMHA Breeders List - Page 3

THE AMERICAN MINIATURE HORSE Irresistible, versatile, showable and no taller than 34” at the base of the last hairs of the mane, the American Miniature Horse is truly the “Horse For Everyone.” If you have yet to see an American Miniature Horse or have made the discovery and want to know more, welcome to the world of Miniatures! These great little horses come in a rainbow of coat colors and patterns and are prized throughout the world as investments, show partners and companions. Classically elegant and gentle by nature, today’s American Miniature Horse is among the fastest growing and most beloved of equine breeds. Formed in 1978 in Arlington, Texas, the American Miniature Horse Association, Inc., was organized by a group of dedicated horseman to aid and encourage the breeding, exhibiting, use and perpetuation of the American Miniature Horse, separate and apart from ponies and other small equines. According to AMHA Rules and Regulations and Bylaws, an animal exceeding 34 inches in height is not eligible for registration with the Association. Temporary papers are issued to eligible Miniature horses whose parents are both registered with AMHA. If after three years of age, the horse is 34 inches or less, the application may be made for permanent registration. To ensure the integrity of the breed, all foals born after December 31, 1995 must be DNA-tested before any of their offspring can be registered. The Miniature Horse World magazine is a beautiful and informative publication distributed worldwide and is the official Association publication. Each colorful issue is packed with entertaining and informative articles about American Miniature Horses. The official website,, is a virtual one-stop source containing general AMHA information and news. More than 50 AMHA-approved clubs provide fellowship and education for Miniature horse owners. AMHA continues to experience healthy growth, with over 250,000 horses overall submitted for registration. The AMHA World Show signifies the pinnacle of success with com- petition growing stronger each year. The AMHA World Show is held annually in the early fall at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. American Miniature Horses participate in over 200 classes, vying for coveted World Grand Champion titles. Miniatures compete in halter, driving, hunter and jumper, obstacle classes, and costume. Youth, Amateur and Open divisions are offered during this 9 day extravaganza. Stalls are elaborately decorated and many hors- es are for sale; it is an excellent place to view, learn and shop. This 2018 edition of the Breeders Directory does not include all American Miniature Horse breeders, but those who wanted their names printed in this directory to be provided to interested parties free of charge. 1