AMHA Breeders Directory 2018 AMHA Breeders List - Page 10

Having discovered the qualities of American Miniature Horses and realizing how easy and inexpensive it is to care for them, it may be time to find one of your very own. Take time to look for that “just right” Miniature Horse for everything you want to do.  Determine your focus. Examine goals and take time to look for that special Miniature Horse with the disposition/talent/ breeding to fulfill those goals.  Consider your experience. Your background and/or physical abilities are important in determining the best horse for your needs. Do the research. Read the AMHA Standard of Perfection. This resource is a guide for selecting a horse that is correct and balanced and meets Association standards.  Utilize AMHA resources. In addition to the Breeders and Trainers Directory, AMHA produces other resources for locating Miniature horse breeders and horses. The official AMHA magazine, Miniature Horse World, is filled with colorful advertisements and features. And the AMHA Website,, contains a wealth of information and photos as well as a list of sponsor farms, clubs and businesses. AMHA-approved shows offer other avenues for meeting breeders and horses. Current lists of local shows can be found in MHW or on the Association website.  Ask the questions. Once you have found a Miniature horse you are interested in, be sure to ask questions of the owner and/or trainer. Ask about the horse’s height, health, history, level of training, previous use and why the owner is selling the horse.  Observe the horse. Check for signs of general good health and vitality. Note the horses overall attitude and behavior. It is also a good idea to have a veterinarian perform a pre- purchase examination.  Check your paperwork. An American Miniature Horse (with both parents AMHA-registered and meeting all other requirements) is eligible for AMHA registration on a temporary basis immediately after birth and until the age of three. AMHA-registered Miniatures are not eligible to receive permanent papers until they are three years of age and do not exceed 34 inches in height when measured in accordance with Association guidelines. Sale of an AMHA- registered horse should include a signed “Transfer Report and/or Bill of Sale” and the original Registration Certificate. Check to make sure you are purchasing the animal from the last recorded owner on the Registration Certificate and that the horse indeed matches the descriptions and pictures on that certificate. To become the recorded owner of your new Miniature, follow instructions provided on the “Transfer Report and/or Bill of Sale.”  Become an AMHA Member. Membership matters! Visit to join today. 8