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APPLICATION SUPPORT AMETEK Surface Vision is the global leader and preferred choice for web inspection and monitoring systems in the paper industry. We’ve been delivering inspection and monitoring products to the global paper and tissue market since the 1990s, with more companies relying on our vision technologies than any other image- based web inspection and monitoring system. Our expert engineers can help you select the perfect solution to meet your goals, customized to your unique process requirements. When you purchase a Surface Vision solution, you’re not just buying our patented software and advanced hardware – you also get our deep applications knowledge and support. Product requirements, technology and customer demands are constantly changing. That’s why we developed modular solutions, based on off-the- shelf technologies, that can grow and build over time according to your needs. Our expert support teams will advise you on initial set-up for your system, and we’ll help you improve it over time, as process conditions change, and budgetary considerations allow. We also give you full access to essential information, troubleshooting assistance, spare parts order fulfillment, and application consulting services. A global team, supporting you We offer worldwide technical support via phone, email and direct remote access, along with options for on-site engineering visits and training courses, ensuring you always have access to our extensive technical expertise and applications knowledge. Let us provide the support you need to meet your goals, with a solution that grows alongside your process and continues to deliver the maximum return on investment for many years post-installation. 7