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SEE THE RESULTS Swift defect identification Advanced inspection technology ensures real-time detection of defects on paper or tissue surfaces. Our parallel processing algorithms can analyze every camera view using multiple detection scenarios, allowing users to define their own areas of interest and set specific threshold levels to suit individual processes. Powerful self- learning classifiers are used to categorize defects correctly, while data from similar applications can be used from start-up to deliver immediate results. Root cause identification Our unified vision platform unites the best- in-class technologies of SmartView and SmartAdvisor to provide comprehensive insights across the entire manufacturing process. Best-fit camera technology, flexible front-end design and our advanced suite of post-processing controls combine to ensure complete evaluation of the paper-making process. By layering the entire process with intelligent cameras, operators and engineers can quickly determine the root cause of defects, and clearly identify process upsets. Post-processing tools Our range of effective post-processing tools are built upon the foundation of patented high-precision linear encoding technology. This enables downstream cameras to accurately determine machine position within millimeters. Control advisors can then be used to optimize downstream processes – such as winders and slitters, coating, super calendaring and cutters – by controlling line speeds and triggering events such as knives and reject gates. The Advanced Winder Advisor provides immediate resynchronization after sheet splicing, for unparalleled post-processing control. 6 Tear hole Slime hole Starch spot Blade tear Edge tear Bubble mark Hole contamination