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MONITORING SYSTEMS END USER BENEFITS Fast detection The AMETEK Surface Vision paper system is highly modular, allowing the use of the most appropriate light and camera configurations for your application, using standard system components. AMETEK Surface Vision offers the most comprehensive selection of lighting solutions in the industry, applying collimated, diffuse, transmitted, reflected, side lighting, UV, etc., depending on your application needs. In addition, our collection of thresholding algorithms can be quickly optimized for your particular material and requirements, all performing on-line in real time. You never have to wait for results. Through-process visibility The Windows®-based AMETEK Surface Vision paper system, connected to your mill network, provides information for mill- wide users, from the manufacturing floor to the front office. Our solutions use industry standards like OPC, ODBC etc. to ensure easy integration with other plant business, production, and quality systems. A real-time operator interface shows current inspection results on-line all the time. The Open Network Inspection Viewer, distributed across the plant network, enables any user to view current or historical inspection results remotely. Continuous vision The AMETEK Surface Vision SmartView and SmartAdvisor systems continuously analyze and record images and report any defects or web breaks, providing the information needed for the management of material quality. SmartAdvisor enables the review of hours and hours of synchronized images, allowing unmatched root- cause analysis and material troubleshooting to be performed. SmartView facilitates the performance of formation analysis, defect identification and advanced defect classification. Integrated vision The integration of both video and defect classification information into an integrated operator display allows fast and easy root cause identification and problem-solving. This visual synthesis between upstream and downstream cameras provides the tools to clearly identify root cause of the production upset, such as web breaks and defects. We can also integrate the current SmartView or SmartAdvisor systems of existing customers to deliver the quality benefits of a fully-integrated vision platform. 5