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SEAMLESS INTEGRATION OF WEB INSPECTION AND KEY FEATURES Defect libraries We use our application experience to create your custom defect library when we commission your system, providing a reference structure that is quickly filled with data relevant to your process. This forms a library of detection thresholds and inspection parameters that is easily configurable, delivering unparalleled detection classification and visualization of surface defects, allowing quick start-up and immediate return on investment. Classification tools SmartSync is a fully integrated unified vision platform that harnesses the combined power of our flagship SmartView web inspection system and SmartAdvisor web monitoring system. It is built upon proven technologies including advanced classification software and patented synchronized camera technology. Customers gain the multi-camera video monitoring power of SmartAdvisor’s synchronized system along with the flexibility and proven performance of SmartView web inspection. SmartSync maximizes return on investment by providing accurate root cause analysis capabilities of web break events AND paper defects. SmartView’s advanced classification can be configured to trigger an event capture across multiple SmartAdvisor data points on the production line. As a result, the operator can rely on multiple views and data points to rapidly analyze and determine the root cause of a defect or process upset and take corrective action. This visual synthesis between upstream and downstream cameras provides the foundation for increased production performance through the reduction of web breaks and paper defects. 4 SmartLearn is AMETEK Surface Vision’s patented multi-step classification tool that provides the flexibility to implement classification schemes tailored to your particular process and requirements. The advanced SmartLearn architecture allows the use of various learning classifiers. Combining automatic learning classification with expert knowledge, SmartLearn maximizes the potential of your inspection system for improved product quality, higher production yield, and decreased customer returns. This performance is delivered in an easy-to-use environment designed to be used by paper producers, not software engineers. Multiple line synchronization The effectiveness of our post-processing tools is founded on patented high-precision marking technology. During the inspection process, exact position codes are applied to the paper that enable downstream cameras to accurately synchronize defect positions within millimeters. The accuracy of the position code provides the necessary environment for multiple downstream process inspections (paper machine, winder, coater, supercalender, etc.) to be combined into a single actionable product defect map. Advanced Winder Advisor Based on the high-precision marking allowing immediate resynchronization after a web break, sheet splicing, or similar, the Advanced Winder Advisor enables automatic stops of winders, re-reeler, etc., at the exact defect location. The superior defect identification and visualization capabilities of the SmartView system, combined with the efficiency of the Advanced Winder Advisor, provides you with results that cannot be achieved with conventional web inspection and winder control systems.