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PAPER INSPECTION AND MONITORING SYSTEM AMETEK Surface Vision’s integrated paper inspection and monitoring systems combine cutting-edge software and rugged, proven hardware to deliver the most precise, real-time detection and classification possible, across the paper process. This provides a flexible, customizable solution that provides comprehensive insights about the entire manufacturing process. Uniting AMETEK Surface Vision’s powerful web inspection and monitoring capabilities, synchronized camera technology is supported by powerful LED lighting arrays for high-quality image capture of defects using multiple inspection angles. This inspection data is processed through high-performance computer systems, integrating sophisticated software control tools and detailed real-time analysis into an easy-to-operate package. Our modular inspection and monitoring systems can be expanded or upgraded whenever needed to meet changing customer requirements. Designed with ease of operation and future-proofing in mind, all our inspection and monitoring systems are supported by AMETEK Surface Vision’s unmatched applications experience and technical expertise, for solutions that are trusted by the paper industry worldwide. System server CAMERAS CAMERAS Database archive server SOFTWARE LIGHTING Operator console Example system configuration. Our dedicated Windows-based software integrates seamlessly with “off the shelf” system hardware to provide continuous detection, classification, visualization and reporting, accessible across the network. Non-proprietary, high-precision, continuous-operation cameras are located across the process, using resolutions and optical technologies best suited to each specific application. LIGHTING Powerful, long-life LED lights brightly illuminate the web for inspection and monitoring, delivering uniform lighting levels. DATA CAPTURE & ANALYSIS APPLICATION SUPPORT Our Windows-based, non-proprietary computer systems store and analyze data from the cameras, supporting video streaming and defect classification capabilities. Our expert applications knowledge helps you to run your system more easily, providing the optimal solution for your process. 3