AMETEK Surface Vision Metals Brochure AMETEK_Surface_Vision_Metals_Brochure_AMSV-DS-SVME - Page 6

CAMERAS SmartView supports a suite of cameras that use a wide range of resolutions, differing sensor sizes and black & white or color outputs, to deliver a ‘best fit’ solution for any application. We provide the architecture for quick, seamless addition of cameras from any provider to your system, allowing you to take advantage of advances in camera technology. Charge coupled devices (CCDs) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) cameras are both accommodated by SmartView, offering the flexible solution best suited to your process. LIGHTING Optimum lighting conditions are integral to high perfomance surface inspection, and SmartView integrates designed lighting solutions that specifically complement each AMETEK Surface Vision system. Our consultative approach ensures the precise lighting solution is selected for your system, with illuminative accuracy delivered by lighting technologies that include diffuse or collimated lighting options, both available in various geometries. The LEDs have a service life of approximately 50,000 hours (5.6 years), environmental enclosures to protect against water intrusion and contamination, and a safety circuit for over-temperature monitoring. DATA CAPTURE & ANALYSIS Our fully scalable systems generate the data, images and videos you need for accurate inspection and reporting. To maintain this information, we provide server systems, fully compatible with SmartView products, able to cope with the demands of storing and processing your data. These servers integrate seamlessly with SmartView’s wide range of software packages to deliver a powerful suite of data analysis and visualization tools. 6