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SUPERIOR DETECTION, CLASSIFICATION AND VISUALIZATION OF METAL SURFACE DEFECTS END USER BENEFITS Control your process With SmartView, the user has total control of the interface, and can reassign colors to different defect classes. Using the intuitive drop-down menus and customizable windows, users can narrow down results with precision, identifying only defects of interest. By providing knowledge of even the smallest defects, SmartView allows an immediate response to worsening conditions, reducing scrap and increasing yield. Seamless integration Intuitive reporting Through-process visibility SmartView’s Windows-based software, connected to your network, provides information for all users, ensuring that operators, inspectors, process engineers and managers have all the data they need at their fingertips. The Open Network Inspection Viewer, distributed across the network, allows any user to view any current or historical inspection results remotely, from any stage of production. SmartView is intuitive and highly configurable, enabling users to rapidly identify product and process issues. The Production Quality Advisor software suite utilizes the Open SQL server database to generate custom reports for viewing or comparison. Data from one production line or an entire mill can be processed, including coil grading and map stacking solutions for easy understanding and control of product quality. As a Windows-based solution, SmartView integrates easily into your existing systems, ensuring straightforward system start-up and operational flexibility. The software employs algorithms that can be optimized for your particular surface and process requirements, all performing on-line in real-time. As part of our modular solution, it’s simple to add or remove hardware and retain seamless software control. 5