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KEY FEATURES Defect libraries We use our application experience to customize your defect library when we commission your system, providing a reference structure that is quickly filled with data relevant to your process. This forms a library of detection thresholds and inspection parameters that is easily configurable, delivering unparalleled detection, classification and visualization of surface defects. Detection and thresholding The SmartView solution is operator-friendly and delivers detection benefits within hours of installation and set-up. Long-term use will maximize your results from the factory floor to the front office, with customizable user interfaces and reports. It provides total control over the process, allowing accurate identification of defects of interest. This means worsening conditions are detected quickly, supporting action to reduce scrap product and increase productivity. The modular concept of SmartView makes it possible to start with a basic system and expand it later on with more sophisticated inspection capabilities. Our powerful Windows-based software suite is flexible and adaptable, integrating seamlessly with whichever SmartView hardware you wish to add. A range of additions and extensions to SmartView software platforms allow users to customize solutions to their precise requirements. These additions enable intuitive, configurable reporting that provides rapid understanding and control of product issues – further supporting quality throughout the process. SmartView software unites our cutting-edge hardware and decades of applications experience, creating a comprehensive surface inspection solution that delivers the automated, real- time results your process requires, and the product quality assurance your customers demand. 4 To ensure accurate detection of target defects and minimize false detection, AMETEK Surface Vision utilizes a combination of basic, advanced, and application specific thresholding technologies. Thresholding algorithms are optimized for continuous processes and enable the system to filter non-defects/pseudo-defects and ensure best-in- class detection rates. All changes can be made using a graphical user interface (GUI) designed to suit the customer, not software engineers. Classification tools SmartLearn® is our patented multi-step classification tool set, supplied with every AMETEK Surface Vision inspection solution. Combining self-learning classification with expert knowledge, a selection of multiple classification engines can be tailored to your process and requirements. With this flexible approach, SmartLearn maximizes the potential of your inspection system for improved product quality, higher production yields and decreased customer returns. Streaming video Powerful streaming video functionality takes defect inspection to a new level. All image data for the inspected metal is captured and saved at the full resolution of the system’s cameras, using memory-based or disk-based image capture and display. This means operators can view and review a continuous, real-time video display of the metal surface, using standard SmartView cameras and lighting, without having to unwind, re-roll or unroll the coil.