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Metal manufacturers face ever-increasing demands to improve quality, increase productivity and create certified defect- free products, especially from end-user markets such as the automotive and aerospace industries. This makes a flexible, customizable surface inspection solution essential when optimizing quality and yield. Setting the bar for the metals industry, SmartView® is one of the most trusted and valued automatic surface inspection solutions in the world. Powerful software, state-of-the-art camera technology, high- intensity lighting and unparalleled application engineering services combine to give the high-performance, automated solution that detects, classifies and visualizes your surface defects to the highest standards. The benefits are immediately visible: SmartView provides unsurpassed image quality, reducing your camera count, improving defect detection and simplifying your system installation and maintenance. Our approach is simple: to provide the latest and best inspection solution for each application, delivered with the highest consistency and without compromise. No other solution has the flexibility and ease-of-use that SmartView delivers. Over three decades, we have been the industry leader in reliable inspection software, while we offer the most comprehensive selection of lighting solutions and high-definition options to ensure ultimate process optimization. It’s why more companies trust their surface inspection solutions to AMETEK Surface Vision than anyone else. MARKETS AND APPLICATIONS STEEL • Caster • Hot mill • Pickling line • Cold rolling mill • Annealing line • Temper mill • Electro galvanizing line • Hot dip galvanizing line • Tin line • Coating line • Inspection line • Slitter 2 ALUMINUM • Scalper • Hot mill • Cleaning • Cold rolling mill • Annealing line • Foil mill • Tension leveling line • Coating line • Inspection line • Slitter • Litho line COPPER/BRASS • Milling • Pickling line • Cold rolling mill • Annealing line • Stretch bend leveler line • Coating line • Foil treatment line • Inspection line • Slitter