American Waterways Operators Annual Report 2017 2017AnnualReport - Page 9

DEFENDING THE JONES ACT The Jones Act – which requires that vessels moving cargo between U.S. ports be owned by American companies, crewed by American mariners and built in American shipyards – is vital to maintaining a strong U.S. maritime transportation industry that supports American economic, homeland and national security. In 2017, AWO led and chaired the American Maritime Partnership, a 450-member coalition that advocates for the integrity of the Jones Act. AWO worked with AMP to build strong supermajorities of declared Jones Act supporters in the House and Senate, secure support from key Trump Administration officials, and prevent measures to weaken the Jones Act while the industry worked tirelessly to support relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. REDUCING REGULATORY BURDENS Running a business is challenging enough without having to navigate regulations that impose unnecessary burdens, raise costs and undermine operational efficiency. AWO helps policymakers better understand how their decisions – often made without the benefit of practical experience on the waterways – impact members’ livelihoods. In 2017, AWO led a 300-member coalition in positioning the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act for passage in 2018, bringing our industry closer to the goal of replacing today’s dysfunctional patchwork of conflicting and duplicative state and federal regulations with a streamlined regime consolidated under the Coast Guard. AWO also advocated with Congress, the Coast Guard, EPA and other federal agencies for the elimination of more than two dozen obsolete or burdensome regulations whose costs outweigh their benefits. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT DELIVERING VALUE 7 ■