American Waterways Operators Annual Report 2017 2017AnnualReport - Page 7

AWO builds strong relationships with Congress and the federal agencies that give your company and our industry a voice with decision makers at the highest levels. AWO leads the fight to prevent activist states from imposing a patchwork of unworkable regulations that undermine the efficiency of maritime commerce. AWO tells our industry’s story to policymakers, the media, and the public, spreading the word about the value it provides to our nation’s economy, security, and quality of life. AWO promotes a level playing field in which all companies abide by recognized standards and companies that do things right are recognized and rewarded for their leadership. AWO provides tools and resources to help members continuously improve in safety, security and environmental stewardship, and share best practices that make the entire industry safer. AWO works to keep the waterways open for business in the face of limited funding, severe weather, a nd calls to limit or halt commercial use of the waterways. AWO tells you what you need to know about government actions and safety issues that affect you, cutting through the clutter and helping you focus on what’s important. AWO is there when you need help, offering access to knowledgeable industry peers and a dedicated professional staff with a superb reputation for excellence and customer service. AWO membership: An investment in a strong and prosperous future, for your company and our industry. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT DELIVERING VALUE 5 ■