American Waterways Operators Annual Report 2017 2017AnnualReport - Page 6

AWO VALUE PROPOSITION: A Strong Advocate to Meet Our Greatest Challenges Markets in the tugboat, towboat and barge industry are tough, and the public policy environment is just as challenging. The Jones Act is under attack. Regulations have multiplied at the federal and state levels. Our nation’s waterways infrastructure is in dire need of revitalization. Government, customers, and the public expect impeccable safety standards and an ever-smaller environmental footprint. And, in the 24-7 business and media environment, it can be difficult both for a company to make sense of what’s going on, and for a small but vital industry to make its voice heard. But there is strength in numbers. Just as it has since 1944, AWO has your back, delivering for your company and our industry what none of us can do on our own, by defending your interests in the halls of power and securing this industry’s reputation for excellence. AWO safeguards industry investments and protects jobs through its unmatched record of leadership in defense of the Jones Act. AWO reduces regulatory burdens and keeps bad ideas from becoming law by fighting for public policy that preserves the efficiency and reliability of industry operations. AWO leads the way in working with the U.S. Coast Guard to pave the way for smooth implementation of Subchapter M, removing unworkable requirements and producing practical implementation policy and interpretations. ■ 4 THE AMERICAN WATERWAYS OPERATORS