American Waterways Operators Annual Report 2017 2017AnnualReport - Page 5

We embraced AWO’s commitment to safety leadership and regulatory efficiency by working with members and the Coast Guard to ensure that Subchapter M regulations that will raise safety standards across our industry are implemented practically and with no impact on navigation: securing publication of Coast Guard policy to facilitate a smooth transition for members; cultivating a strong relationship with the Coast Guard’s Subchapter M implementation team; utilizing our new Countdown to Compliance communications series to provide a continuous stream of information and implementation assistance; and seizing opportunities to align Responsible Carrier Program requirements with Subchapter M to avoid confusion or duplication. We also worked hard in 2017 to keep members informed on, and engaged in, AWO’s work on their behalf, conducting outreach to every carrier member; launching member communications improvements, including a redesigned and streamlined AWO Letter, new safety and PAC publications and a webinar/call-in series; surveying members for their feedback and drawing on member perspective to develop new AWO meeting formats to expand access and improve efficiency for members. All of this and more was achieved through diligent stewardship of AWO resources. For the second year in a row, we developed an annual budget that ensures AWO’s continued effectiveness without raising membership dues. We achieved the clean financial audit that members rightfully expect and instituted a series of efficiency and infrastructure improvements to save time and money and improve performance. And, we took care to recruit, retain, develop and mentor the outstanding professional staff that enables us to deliver these results on members’ behalf. AWO is, at its core, an organization of members, by members and for members, working together to accomplish together what no one company or sector can accomplish individually. On behalf of the entire AWO staff, we thank you for the great privilege of working for you and with you to create a public policy climate in which your company and our industry can flourish for years to come. We are your advocate, your ally, your partner and your resource, and we are committed to delivering exceptional value for every AWO member, in 2018 and beyond. THOMAS A. ALLEGRETTI President & CEO JENNIFER A. CARPENTER Executive Vice President & COO 2017 ANNUAL REPORT DELIVERING VALUE 3 ■