American Waterways Operators Annual Report 2017 2017AnnualReport - Page 13

PROMOTING CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Safety, Security & Environmental Stewardship Supporting Subchapter M implementation was not the only focus of AWO’s work in 2017 to grow a culture of safety throughout the tugboat, towboat and barge industry. The U.S. Coast Guard-AWO Safety Partnership, the oldest public-private partnership of its kind, brought together AWO members and senior Coast Guard officials at the national and regional levels to track trends in industry safety performance, anticipate future challenges, and lead initiatives to improve safety, security and environmental stewardship. At the national level, the Partnership established a Coast Guard- AWO Quality Action Team to develop cyber risk management best practices for the tugboat, towboat and barge industry, and completed recommendations to modernize 30-year-old Coast Guard policy on safety issues specific to articulated tug-barge units. At the regional level, the Partnership conducted a study of every floating buoy on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, and developed Alaska Towing Vessel Ice and Cold Weather Operations Guidelines. Complementing the work of the Partnership, AWO also made significant progress on the development of a model fatigue risk management plan for members and increased participation in the Safety Statistics Reporting Program to 78% of AWO carrier members, representing 91% of member-owned or -operated equipment. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT DELIVERING VALUE 11 ■