American Waterways 2018 Annual Report 2018AnnualReportSpread - Page 8

2018 ACHIEVEMENTS SAFETY ■ ■ Our efforts to prepare members for Subchapter M implementation avoided duplication between RCP and Subchapter M audits, added new TPOs, and fostered critical dialogue between members and the Coast Guard. ■ ■ Establishment of the Subcommittee on Operational Crew Fatalities created a permanent entity to continually make recommendations to prevent fatalities, including from falls overboard. ■ ■ Development of the Fatigue Risk Management Guide created a key resource to help members manage fatigue risk, further improving safety for mariners and the public. ■ ■ Our continued management of the Coast Guard-AWO Safety Partnership ensured robust Coast Guard-industry communication to continuously improve safety on the waterways. ■ ■ Development of Cyber Risk Management Best Practices helped tugboat, towboat and barge companies stay ahead of and respond to cyber attacks or accidents. ■ ■ Creation of Safety Leadership 3.0 produced a framework to lead and support members in continuously improving safety, security and environmental stewardship. n 6 THE AMERICAN WATERWAYS OPERATORS 2018 ANNUAL REPORT A YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENT 7 n