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MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN HISTORIC Achievements, UNCEASING Commitment T he business of the tugboat, towboat and barge industry is moving America’s cargo safely and efficiently on the nation’s waterways. Indeed, we are an economic driver. No matter where we operate or what we transport, our ability to provide jobs, power the economy and support homeland security hinges not just on healthy markets, but also on sound public policy and proactive safety leadership. On these fronts, 2018 was a year of historic and lasting achievements for our industry – achievements that would not have been possible without your dedication to AWO. As an organization intent on forging common ground among its diverse and varied members, AWO’s commitment to tackling daunting advocacy challenges and delivering results led to enactment of the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act; successful defense of the Jones Act against well-funded and organized opponents; elimination and streamlining of outdated regulatory requirements; and a host of policy achievements that position our businesses to thrive for the long haul. Moreover, it was AWO’s commitment to elevating our industry as a safety leader that led to milestone accomplishments that demonstrate and reaffirm our commitment to safeguarding life, the environment and property. This was certainly highlighted by the implementation of Subchapter M without disruption to maritime commerce. AWO Vision The American Waterways Operators is the national advocate for the U.S. tugboat, towboat and barge industry, which serves the nation as the safest, most environmentally friendly, and most economical mode of freight transportation. AWO Mission AWO represents the people who own or operate tugboats, towboats and barges serving the rivers, coasts, Great Lakes, and harbors of the United States. As the leading voice on domestic maritime issues, AWO promotes the industry’s value to the nation as a driver of the U.S. economy that provides family-wage jobs and moves the nation’s freight safely while reducing air and water pollution, relieving traffic congestion, and protecting homeland security. AWO Values AWO members: Photo credit: Crowley Maritime Corporation ■ ■ Operate our companies and vessels in an ethical manner. ■ ■ Care for our employees and the public by continuously improving the safety of our operations and the professionalism of our people. ■ ■ Work to protect and improve the quality of our nation’s air and water, as stewards of the environment. ■ ■ Supply efficient and economical solutions to the transportation needs of our customers and the nation. ■ ■ Work together for the betterment of the industry and encourage the engagement of companies of all sizes, from all regions and operational sectors, in the work of the association. These achievements were made possible by persistent, creative advocacy and the strong relationships that AWO has forged with Congress, the Coast Guard, other government stakeholders and a diverse array of coalition partners. These successes – which are critical to the long-term health and viability of our industry – would not have come to fruition without AWO. Our organization adeptly navigated the political and bureaucratic complexities of the public policy arena; expertly conveyed information to bolster our position on a variety of issues; and, without fail, relentlessly refused to ever give up even in the face of overwhelming odds. Undoubtedly, the successes of 2018 reflect AWO’s commitment to being the voice for members of all types and sizes. In essence, AWO goes above and beyond to ensure that our diverse perspectives inform not only AWO advocacy and safety priorities, but also the care with which AWO husbands our hard-earned resources. As someone from a smaller company, this commitment is particularly meaningful to me. I am grateful for the privilege of serving as your Chairman. Thank you for the continued opportunity to work alongside you to advance our nation’s prosperity, security and quality of life. CHAIRMAN TOM MARIAN Buffalo Marine Service ■ ■ Work collaboratively with government and other stakeholders to promote safety, environmental protection, security, and transportation efficiency. 2018 ANNUAL REPORT A YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENT 1 n