American Waterways 2018 Annual Report 2018AnnualReportSpread - Page 10

2018 ACHIEVEMENTS PUBLIC AFFAIRS & COMMUNICATIONS 2018 was a successful year for telling the story of the tugboat, towboat and barge industry and the value it provides to the nation, and for taking our case to the public for policies that allow our industry to help drive the economy and support homeland security. ■ ■ Our goal of creating a media environment that supported our advocacy objectives resulted in positive media attention on VIDA, the Jones Act, Subchapter M implementation, our Fatigue Risk Management Guide, and our Cyber Risk Management Best Practices. ■ ■ The elevation of social media as a critical tool for telling our industry’s story led to a substantial increase in the size of our social media audience and much greater reach in our messaging to the public. ■ ■ We convened a monthly webinar series to educate members on important policy and safety developments while providing opportunities for interaction in real time with AWO staff and other experts. ■ ■ We published the biweekly AWO Letter and launched monthly safety and PAC newsletters to keep members engaged and informed. n 8 THE AMERICAN WATERWAYS OPERATORS 2018 ANNUAL REPORT A YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENT 9 n