American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 236 March 2019 - Page 55

Letric Lighting LED Inserts Oreland, Pennsylvania based NAMZ Custom Cycle Products has unveiled a new LED lights program, exclusively distributed by Tucker V- Twin. Owner Jeff Zelinski says that “we are all about providing the very best electrical products for motorcyclists, which is why it is only fitting that we have finally released our very own LED product line, Letric Lighting Co. We have been asked for many years to produce our own lighting, since we already have the industry’s original and leading lighting module brand, Badlands Motorcycle Products. “Last August, Tucker asked us to come up with an ‘exclusive’ lighting brand for them, and Letric Lighting Co. is the response. In a few short months, over 150-part numbers were created, tested and on display at the annual Tucker Dealer Show in Fort Worth Texas in January.” The products range from LED turn signals to accent lights and headlights. The lights are backed by anything from a 1-year to an industry leading lifetime warranty. “Our Bullet LED Inserts are available in 3 styles - ‘Standard’, ‘Premium’ and ‘Deluxe’, all boasting a lifetime warranty and industry leading designs.” PARTS AND ACCESSORIES LECTRIC LIGHTING CO. Oreland, Pennsylvania, USA Tel: 610 265 7100 M-8 ‘Loose Cannon’ Slip-Ons Waynesboro, Virginia based Firebrand Design President John Peck says that the company is “building on the success of our ‘Loose Cannon’ series, by bringing our unique style and sound to the M-8 Softails with a new line of Slip-ons.” Available for the Fat Boy, Slim, Street Bob, Low Rider and Breakout, Firebrand ‘Loose Cannons’ “should be the first upgrade when customizing one of the new Softails,” says John. “The secret to their sound and performance lies within the race-inspired, stainless core baffles. The straight through 2” perforated core and dual layer packing work together to create a synergistic combination, perfect for the new Softails. They have been designed with our signature flash- suppressor end treatment to complete the package.” Hand crafted entirely in the USA, and distributed exclusively by HardDrive, the new Loose Cannons “continue to uphold Firebrand’s reputation as industry leaders in fit and quality” and are available in both chrome and black ceramic finishes. Features include a 3” body with signature flash-suppressor end treatment, race- Inspired high-performance baffles with dual density muffler packing, “aggressive, deep sound and increased performance.” An easy to install quiet insert is available separately. HARDDRIVE V-TWIN Boise, Idaho, USA Tel: 208 376 8400 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MARCH 2019 55