American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 236 March 2019 - Page 33

Avon Grips: Recognized for their ergonomics, durability and comfort, Avon Cushion Grips are built around a core bar that creates air pockets inside the grip body to dampen vibrations and help eliminate hand fatigue and stress; Antigravity Batteries: Described as a “game changer” when it was unveiled a year ago, market response to the new RE-START Li-Ion battery has been enthusiastic. The Gardena, California based specialist has addressed one of the central challenges posed when wanting to embrace the advantages of Li-Ion battery technology over conventional lead acid and AGM formats with built-in jump starting “making being stranded by a dead battery a thing of the past” - simply press the RE-START button located on the top of the battery to access the battery’s reserve energy, then start the vehicle and drive away. There will also be a remote key fob button available, which will allow the rider to trigger the RE-START feature without having to remove the seat or a fairing to access the battery. They are “the most technologically advanced motorcycle/powersports batteries ever built,” says CEO Scott Schafer, “the first lithium-ion powersports batteries with a full Battery Management System (BMS) that actively balances the lithium cells while protecting the battery from overcharge, over-discharge and overtemperature conditions”; Two Brothers Racing: Recent new products from the Santa Ana, California based manufacturer include an XL ‘GEN2’ 2-1 featuring hand TIG-welded reverse cone megaphone in 100 % stainless steel construction with welded end caps and proprietary spiral wound stainless steel, plus a new Shorty Turnout 2-1 black polished stainless steel full system for 2017-2019 M-8 Touring models; James Gaskets: New M-8 gaskets are available from the Carson City, Nevada based manufacturer in addition to Big Twin transmission gaskets and gaskets and seals for most Harley applications right back to 1936; K&L Supply: From shop lifts and accessories to jack stands, wheel vises and clamps, tire changers and wheel balancers to workshop equipment, tools and supplies, the San Jose, California based specialist is “solution city” - check out its specialty range of Harley shop tools, carb and fuel products and ignition and electrical items; AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MARCH 2019 33