American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 236 March 2019 - Page 32

CruzTOOLS: Now under new ownership, CruzTOOLS was launched with a tool kit for Harley-Davidson motorcycles over twenty years ago. Since then it has developed hand tools and tool kits for most powersports vehicles including street bikes, dual-sport, adventure and off-road motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft; Andrews: Recent new products include 31 and 34 tooth belt drive pulleys for all ‘17-’18 M-8 models and additional M-8 camshafts with “more torque and horsepower”. Andrews’ General Manager Mike Pederson says “the new M462 cam is a perfect choice for heavy touring bikes with the 107” or 114” M-8 engines, while the M464 cam is an excellent choice for CVO 117” engines; them to make the most of all the opportunities their area offers. “Going forward I am sure there will be ways we can finesse these systems, and this will be among the changes and improvements I’ll be looking at. At present, I am emphasizing to the good and improve it still further, we also need to see the mistakes that were made for what they were and change direction. “We are in a difficult market and have very good competitors. If we are going to achieve the growth we think we “back to being a sales organization” Battery Tender: Recent new products from Deltran, the Deland, Florida based specialist, include a versatile, selectable AGM/lithium charger; further upcoming highlights for 2019 are slated to include a weather resistant motorcycle cover with sewn-in solar panel for battery maintenance; Feuling Parts: Recent new products from the Oceanside, California based performance components specialist include of slew of additions for M-8 engines, such as HP+, ‘Race Series’ and Reaper brand cam shaft kits; oiling system kits that include the latest version of the legendary Feuling oil pump and a range of M-8 cam chest kit options; 32 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MARCH 2019 sales reps that we need to be selling the whole catalog to create the ultimate experience for our dealers, because dealers need to exploit all the opportunities available to them. “We need to look at everything we are doing and how we do it and change the way we are doing business. We need to identify what’s can create, we have to realize that there’s only one place that growth can come from at this time, and that is from our competitors. We simply have to be better than them. “Tucker used to be a worthy competitor. I know this, it was my competitor. So, my goal here? To make Tucker a worthy competitor again.” Freedom Performance: Well known for its ‘True Dual’ headers, the Corona, California based manufacturer’s popular ‘Combat’ slip-ons and ‘Radical Radius’ exhausts are available as E-marked versions in Europe through Zodiac International;