American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 236 March 2019 - Page 30

TTS: Steve Cole and his Glendale, Arizona based TTS Power Systems (The Turbo Shop Inc.) is among the best-known V-twin diagnostics and tuning specialists in the industry. His TTS MasterTune2-HD system for V-twin models provides ECM calibration development, toggling between modified MAPs, correct speedo calibration or change primary ratio. Ajustments include AFR target, spark advance front and rear, knock control, injector sizing, engine displacement, rev limit, EITMS settings and more. VTune3-HD calibrates VE tables, Spark tables and EGA correction tables and combines inputs from the DataMaster or FlightRecorder to create a fully custom and optimized calibration; Arlen Ness Enterprises: Recent new products from the Dublin, California based parts and accessories specialist include the ‘Method’ line of patent pending polycarbonate window air cleaners, handlebar dampening kits, risers and fork braces; Ness 10-Gauge covers for Twin Cams and M-8 models; Rapper, Profile and Pro Steel Short stamped steel fenders (for Harleys and selected Indian applications); an ABS fairing with smoked plexiglass windshield for a fabrication-free easy install on Scout models; one thing that has been clear is that something needs change - the company failed after all. Part of that change is bringing in new people - people with the knowledge and experience needed for this market place; people who can make the changes and reorganize the company for the future, and do so in the ways is. “That understanding means we can refocus on our number one priority - the dealer. We have to remember that they are the number one priority, and that is what I am selling to the reps - that it is important for them to re- engage with our dealers. “Here at the show I am listening to “they’ve had a blurry windshield for too long” Drift: Exclusively distributed in the powersports market by Tucker, the class- leading Drift Ghost 4K camera with rotating lens and direct live streaming is the ‘insiders tip’ as the best quality, best specification specialty action sports camera on the market. Founded in 2009 by e-commerce entrepreneurs Robin Parker and Sab Jhooti, UK based Drift Innovation is a business that is often to be found topping independent ASC reviews. Internationally recognized for their quality and technology, the Drift product range is a genuinely motorsports-friendly and genuinely innovative program that provides the specialty retailer with “better quality and more features than competing products at a lower price-point and higher margin”; Aquatic: The plug-n-play, Bluetooth SiriusXM-ready stereo by Aquatic AV is a waterproof stock replacement with built-in 288 W amplifier. A compartment behind the faceplate allows storage and charging of your device via USB while in use. The stock hand controls can be used, or the rotary knob on the removable faceplate. A dummy faceplate/dust cover is included; 30 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MARCH 2019 needed to get it back to being a sales organization. “We have to recognize and understand what has gone before, but we also need to move on. We are a new company now, and we are already in a better position than we were a year ago, especially in terms of inventory, and the new ownership understands just how important that our vendors and learning what it is they need from our sales force, and what tools our sales teams need to be more effective for our vendors. I think the team selling system we have here is interesting, it means the sales teams, and therefore their dealers, have good support systems enabling them to deliver access to everything that Tucker can be for them, and help Epic Moto Co: New to the Tucker V-twin program this year, Epic Moto Co ‘Naked Series’ racer kits are simple, bolt-on solutions that allow a Bagger to be converted into a “badass racer and back again in record time”. Designed by Chris Eder, they fit any post 2009 Harley touring bike with simple tools and are fully reversible modifications without frame changes, so the warranty is preserved - lightweight designs in modular kits;