American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 230 September 2018 - Page 42

The smallest combo indicator- rear-brake light unit in the world Aachen, Germany based lights and accessory specialist Kellermann has added another option to its fast-growing line of high power miniaturized custom lights range - the Atto DF, a three-way combo light that is as small and powerful as they come. Indeed, the company says that the Atto DF is the smallest street legal motorcycle combination- indicator-rear-brake light of the world – combining indicator function with rear/brake light. Kellermann CEO Dr. Stefan Wöste says that: “The Atto DF offers unbelievable illuminating power - typical for all Kellermann products. But behind it, is a real hidden masterpiece. The sought after 3in1 function in such a minimalistic casing allows for an ultra a clean custom solution. “But, of course, street safety always comes first for Kellermann - the DF visually almost disappears on the bike but once it kicks into action it has relentless illuminating power - in indicator, rear or brake light function.” The Atto family of custom lighting solutions is driven by an optimized light channelling technology, managed through a smart system of lenses and reflectors (Extreme Optical Transparency). The result is “sensational illuminating power and minimal size at the same time.” The complete electronics are in the casing and the unit can be plugged straight in to into the 12 volt net directly, replacing the existing rear indicators and brake light. Kellermann’s EXtran