American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 230 September 2018 - Page 38

Mid-USA additions Belt Drive Transmission Pulleys for M-8 strength. It has a durable blue anodized finish with laser etched markings. Not for use in breaking rivet master links. New from Andrews, and in stock at Hazelwood, Missouri based distributor Mid-USA, these belt drive pulleys fit all ’17-‘18 Milwaukee-Eight models. To easily change the final drive ratio use the 31 tooth pulley for power applications (3 percent higher RPM) and the 34 tooth for overdrive applications (6.4 percent less RPM). Late model Super Stock Ignition Wires Performance Mechanical Advance Kit for Big Twin and Sportsters This performance mechanical advance kit (for Big Twins and Sportsters) has a stainless steel shaft and plate that has been machined to exact tolerances. The weights are heat treated and coated with high- tech polymers, to ensure smooth, even advance and retract movement. The included springs are high quality phosphate coated spring wire that allows full advance at 1400 RPM (same as OE). Pre-lubricated, hardened washers on advance weight pivots prevent premature spring wear. The kit fits ‘70-‘79 Big Twins and ’71-early ’79 Sportsters. They also fit aftermarket ignition systems that require a mechanical advance unit. Available for ’17-up Milwaukee-Eight Touring models, these ACCEL super stock ignition wire sets feature extra thick, 8 mm silicone jacket and silicone insulation to eliminate electrical leakage or the RFI interference that can interrupt electronic ignitions and EFI systems. Custom designed as a performance upgrade, these wire sets include factory style wire ties to maintain a clean installation and prevent contact with areas that may damage the wire. They fit securely and provide Motion Pro Master Link Press Tool maximum spark energy from the coil to the plugs, delivering up to 5 times more peak energy than other “performance wires”. The 8 mm silicone jacket with 500 Ohms per foot stainless steel conductor are available in four colors - black, blue, red and yellow. Wire ties are included for a factory look installation. Make chain repair and maintenance easier with this original Motion Pro designed master link press tool, enabling the easy pressing on and off of master link plates for clip style chains. It works on all 5 Series chains, without damage. The tool features hardened steel pins for reliable use and lightweight billet aluminum construction for 38 MID-USA Hazelwood, Missouri, USA Tel: 314 595 5555 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - SEPTEMBER 2018