American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 229 August 2018 - Page 57

g Economy – ‘Riders Share’ ‘user-generated repository’ platforms, and possibly the largest modern asset to motorcyclists, is the evolution of content on YouTube. Prior to YouTube, a big problem in the motorcycle world was that gearheads were extremely generous with their knowledge, but didn’t have a good place to share information long-term. Much of that information has been posted on forums, which are great communities to discuss ideas, but aren’t built for storing information as valuable threads are often lost among other posts. YouTube laid the foundation for a deep user-generated repository of videos to preserve all that knowledge in an organized, easy-to-access format. Today, millions of detailed videos are accessible on-demand, and free of charge. Thousands of enthusiasts and shops have taken it into their own hands to post make and model- specific videos on diagnosing problems, motorcycle and gear reviews, and how to perform step-by-step maintenance. We are in a golden age for motorcycling. Pressured by time, space and cost, modern riders demand flexibility and a value-added experience as they advance the sport. The sharing economy is paving the way by creating frictionless solutions for how motorcyclists engage with their bikes, service providers, and other members of the community. Riders have never