American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 229 August 2018 - Page 50

What Was Once Old is Now New at W&W Electroline Style Headlights Popular on choppers in the 1960s and 1970s, these faithful reproductions of the rectangular Electroline headlights are in polished cast aluminum with top fin and grooves, just like the originals. Detroit Headlights The shallow design of these headlights derives from 1930s Ford model A equipment. In chrome plated steel, this distinctive shape allows for close installation to the fork. Mercury Headlights The distinctive ornamental top caps and conical shape of these E4 approved chrome plated steel headlights reminds of typical 1930s streamlining designs as seen, for example, on Mercury trains of that era. Will light and look great on your classic chopper or bobber locomotive. Headlamp and Housing Kits for FLH 1960-1984 This complete “Oxhead” kit comprises the cast aluminum housing, handlebar clamp cover and all headlamp parts for Duo and Electra Glide models from ‘60- ‘84. Early Sparto Taillights Early type of the famous Sparto taillight with integral stop light function, license plate illumination and distinctive kick at the front end in polished cast aluminum; the lens is real glass. Bates ‘Baja’ Headlights For those who like the Scrambler style, this steel 50 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - AUGUST 2018 headlight not only has the look, but also the sturdy construction for off road adventures. Available chrome plated or in painted matt black; complete with lamp insert, stone guard and mounting block. Daytona Velona-60 Multi- functional Instruments Twin-function (speed and rpm) fully digital instrument which sports a round stainless steel, water-resistant housing. It features a 56 mm white backlit LCD screen with large 16 mm high digital speed indication and a combined bar scale/digital rpm indication. Speed is selectable between 0-399 km/h and 0-250 mph. The rpm scale is adjustable up to 20,000 rpm. Further functions are odometer and two trip meters, selectable between the digital rpm indication by two buttons on the back. This Velona instrument can be mounted on most motorcycles with a 12V electrical system that carry a battery. They come with a V-bracket, but a special U-bracket is also available for installation into Daytona vintage headlights; matt black painted stainless steel; speed sensors must be purchased separately. Daytona Velona-80 Multi- functional Instruments The Velona-80 multi-functional instruments with compact, water-resistant stainless steel housings are offered with choice of analog display of 0-200 kph/mph speed or 0-9,000 rpm indication, with stepmotor-driven pointer. An LCD readout provides rpm or speed (depending on version), odometer, dual tripmeter, voltmeter, max speed memory/recall and max rpm/recall, all selectable by two buttons on the back. Four indicators show turn signals, high beam, neutral and warning. An additional red LED lamp can be used as shift light. Made in matt black stainless steel, it can be mounted on most motorcycles with a 12V electrical system that carries a battery. Sensors, external button switches and converters must be purchased separately.