American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 229 August 2018 - Page 24

<<< Continued from page 64 launch of the all-conquering Cobra line. In the years since, Avon has added to the strength in depth of Cobra options with four additional new fitments to suit the latest Harley-Davidson Big Twin ‘seven ‘AMD’ winning customs since 2004 have featured Avon tires’ Avon can expect to see demand for its TrailRider ADV tires grow markedly once Harley’s new Pan American is ‘in-play’ in 2020 Reigning World Champion Suicide Customs from Japan marked a second consecutive World Championship in which the winner built with Avons as their tires of choice model updates added to the line as recently as January this year. Cobras are renowned for their distinctive tread patterns, outstanding mileage and long life. They are noted for their unique combination, super- tough construction of the kind necessary for heavy-duty custom loads and long distances, with leading sports tire technology for improved handling and performance. In recent years the example set by Arlen Ness has been taken up by hundreds of leading customizers and bike builders worldwide. Since its inception in 2004, more AMD World Champions, Freestyle class top twenty bikes, World Championship class winners and competitors of all kinds have favoured Avon tires than any other single tire brand - including the reigning World Champion and half of all the AMD World “Nurb’s”, the Avon shod BMW engined 2014 AMD World Championship winning bike by Krugger Motorcycles, Belgium