American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 224 March 2018 - Page 56

Mini Moto Boards New from Brass Balls of Oklahoma City, these versatile, stylish and ergonomic Mini Moto Boards for Dyna, FXR and Sportsters will even accept Touring passenger pegs and will match the new line of Touring model full sized Moto Floor Boards that designer Dar Holdsworth has at testing stage. “Our Mini Moto Floor Boards are inspired by MotoCross and deliver the grip to prove it,” says Dar. “More surface area provides a firm foundation and the grip is second to none. These boards take performance and style to the next level - kick ass design with high functionality.” Precision-machined from aircraft grade 6061 T6 billet aluminum and black anodized, they include an adjustable chrome plated steel clevis. They are lightweight and strong - the outermost edge is tapered underside to optimize lean angel; the Brass Balls logo is located on the underside. They can also be used as passenger touring boards; they measure 5” L x 3.5” W x .93” H and fit all H-D models - the kit includes two boards, two H-D male clevis and two socket head cap bolts. Also seen here, for Sportsters, this skid plate is sold with ground and sanded sides (“Smooth”) or exposed welds. Made in 1/8” aluminum for light weight, high strength, and durability versions are available for Sportsters from 1996 right up to 2017. BRASS BALLS CYCLES Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Tel: 405 270 0995 Legend – high-performance front cartridge with “through shaft” technology AXEO21 high-performance front cartridge kits, for use with Air-A or REVO-A shocks new Sturgis, South Dakota based manufacturer Legend Suspensions unveiled a slew of new product at the recent Drag Specialties Dealer Expo at Indianapolis. For use with the company’s Air-A or REVO-A shocks, the new AXEO39TS high-performance front cartridge “features a design that is like unlike any fork cartridge before,” according to owner Jesse Jurrens. “AXEO39TS features two twin mono-tube damper cartridges, pre-load adjuster, performance spring rate and high flow damper piston and deflective discs – our ground breaking ‘through shaft’ technology. “Precision load-rated wave springs allow spike over pressure to bypass, protecting precision valve opening limits. The through shaft eliminates rod pressure in/out. They provide 5” of travel, smooth and controlled ride quality, increased performance, eliminate bottoming out, front end dive, and reduce peg drag. Stability, cornering and traction are all much improved.” For use with Air-A or REVO-A shocks, new AXEO21, AXEO23 and AXEO21KO high performance front cartridge kits are specifically for bikes with 21 or 23-inch wheels on bikes using Legend’s Air-A or REVO-A shocks. These drop-in systems utilize 2 mono tube, dual chambered damper cartridges each featuring an advanced nitrogen gas charged chamber and internal floating piston and are engineered to retain hydraulic bump stop 56 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MARCH 2018 function, so there’s no hard bottoming. The result is said to be increased traction, improved handling and eliminated front end dive, increasing performance, comfort and safety. In terms of its shock absorbers, Legend now has its AXEO shocks for the 2018 Harley- Davidson Fat Bob. The AXEO43 kits convert asymmetrical stock internals to a high-performance twin cartridge set. Easy to install, two high-performance mono tube, dual nitrogen gas charged chambered, suspension fluid filled, damper cartridges with floating piston, performance spring rate, internal linear spring guide and threaded pre-load adjuster. They are said to eliminate front end dive and bottoming out for increased safety and control, so the rider enjoys a smooth, controlled ride with improved traction, cornering and stability. All Legend products are USA made and covered by a lifetime warranty. LEGEND SUSPENSIONS Sturgis, South Dakota, USA PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Tel: 605 720 4202 AXEO43 high performance front cartridges for the 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob