American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 224 March 2018 - Page 50

Ultima throttle/idle and clutch cables Pevely, Missouri based distributor Midwest Motorcycle Supply continues to expand its own Ultima parts and accessories brand offer. Among new items for 2018, these Ultima cables Twin Power updates gaskets with cam change and M-8 kits feature polished chrome fittings. Available with black vinyl outer casing or stainless steel braiding, the cables have a tempered steel inner conduit and an inner nylon liner “for smooth operation and extended life.” The braided cables feature an abrasion resistant outer housing coated with a non-yellowing clear covering. Transmission rebuild kit MIDWEST MOTORCYCLE SUPPLY Pevely, Missouri, USA Tel: 636 931 3200 Twin Power has expanded its gasket kits product line with new kits, including cam change gaskets and M-8 gasket kits that are “unique to the new Milwaukee-8 models currently in the marketplace,” according to Brand Manager and industry specialist James Simonelli. The cam change gasket kits include all the gaskets, seals and O-rings necessary for a camshaft change on Harley-Davidson ’70 - ‘92 Big Twin models. The new M-8 gasket kits are sold individually or in convenient package quantities depending on the particular PARTS AND ACCESSORIES New ‘Wedge’ and ‘Twist’ in 2D and 3D Southgate, California based Metalsport Wheels has added to its wheel design options with the ‘Wedge’ and ‘Twist’ in 2D or 3D in chrome or black anodized. The ‘Twist’ is a “stong, classic Twist Cam change gasket kit Kickback looking wheels” available in sizes from 16 x 3.5” right up to the stunning 32 x 4”. It is available in chrome, all black anodized, or all black anodized with a second cut. The ‘Kickback’ is available in the same sizes and finishes. The ‘Wedge’ “pure luxury” is available in 2D only, in all chrome or all black anodized. The company also recently added new 18” rotor and caliper kits for 2D and 3D 26, 32 and 34” wheels. Wedge 50 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MARCH 2018 METALSPORT WHEELS South Gate, California, USA Tel: 562 776 9594 application. These kits include: top end gasket sets, rocker cover gaskets, cylinder head gaskets, tappet guide gasket, cam cover gaskets/seals and O-rings, motor case O-rings and seals, manifold/carburetor/air cleaner gaskets and seals, primary/derby/inspection cover gaskets, a transmission rebuild kit and transmission oil pan gaskets. Made in the USA, Simonelli says that “these high-quality kits include AFM and MLS style gaskets and meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.” BIKER’S CHOICE Fort Worth, Texas, USA Tel: 817 258 9000