American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 224 March 2018 - Page 34

Roland Sands Design: From hard parts to apparel, kudos to Roland and Summer Sands and team for reaching beyond the day job and “spreading the word” with initiatives such as the company’s Hooligan Racing Series and last October’s first annual Moto Beach Classic at the Bolsa Chica State Beach at Huntington, California – “bring me your bored, un-led and un-biked huddled masses yearning to ride free”! Wizards: The Hanover, Minnesota based company specializes in easy to use professional quality motorcycle cleaners and detailing products for all areas of the motorcycle, including Mist-N- Shine, Mystic Spray Wax, Leather Plus, Wipe Down, Tire & Vinyl Shine, All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Bug Release, Power Clean, Shine Master and Wizards Wash; Cometic: The Concord, Ohio based manufacturer’s stock replacement and big bore gasket and cam change gasket kits for Harley’s M-8 touring engines that cater to the two different cylinder head designs (models with and without fairing lowers have differing cooling configurations). In sizes ranging from the stock 107 and 114 cubic inch displacements to a big 4,500-inch big bore size, all told, there are nine different cylinder head gaskets in the company’s M-8 line-up, along with new base gaskets and the full cam change kit. Sales Director Jason Moses told AMD: “While the differences between all those gaskets are small and subtle, they’re critically important. “The oil cooled heads, the ones on bikes without lower fairings, have one “teardrop” shaped port close to the bore, and that is surrounded with an embossed surface. With this head design the M-8 big bore is limited to 4,200 inches with no modifications to the heads. Any larger than that would require the oil port to be welded shut and the head resurfaced. Our gasket for these oil cooled heads, the ones with the teardrop shaped port and embossed ring around it, will work on both oil cooled and coolant cooled heads with stock to a 4,200 inch bore with no head surface modifications. The second M-8 head design, the one used on bikes with lower fairings, radiators and coolant, has two round coolant ports set significantly further back from the bore than the oil cooling port. With this design, the big bore can safely go all the way to 4,500 inches with no coolant port modifications, and Cometic has gaskets in those bigger 4.250, 4.320 and 4.500 sizes”;