American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 224 March 2018 - Page 24

Barnett Clutches & Cables: Recent additions from the Ventura, California based specialist include black-on-black “Stealth Series” cables, featuring a black vinyl casing with black chrome elbows and hardware for that “Stealth” look. Stainless steel wire rope is used with a nylon inner liner on the throttle cables, and all clutch cables come as standard with Barnett’s exclusive high-efficiency inner wire for reduced lever effort and extended cable life; BikeMaster: “Is a brand that is continually striving to deliver a complete line of tools and replacement maintenance parts for sport, cruiser and off-road motorcycles at reasonable prices. We want to offer the parts that keep bikes running at peak performance,” says Lowell Anderson, new Director of Brands for Tucker Rocky. BikeMaster recently released a new line of high quality inner tubes, oil and off-road tools and has plans to add more tools and replacement parts to the range in the near future; Avon Grips: Featuring soft, durable “memory foam for your hands,” Avon’s ergonomic, chemical resistant and vibration dampening custom grip options are available for all Harleys, Indians and most other brands”; Drift: The choice of the aficionado, the class-leading Drift Ghost 4K camera with rotating lens and direct live streaming is a specialty action sports camera that is internationally recognized for its quality and technology. The Drift product range is a genuinely motorsports friendly and genuinely innovative program that provides the specialty retailer with “better quality and more features than competing products at a lower price-point and higher margin”; National Cycle: Last year saw the Maywood, Illinois based windshield manufacturer celebrate 80 years since it was first incorporated by Gordon Willey as The Nation’s Cycle Center in 1937. A passionate aviator from Illinois, he decided to quit a secure job to start a motorcycle accessory venture in the depths of the Great Depression, and the rest, as they say, is history. Still owned and operated by the Willey family, nowadays, National Cycle is known as the international motorcycle industry leader in hardcoated polycarbonate windshields, quick release mount systems, multi-adjustable and tilting windshields for UTVs and motorcycles, and is noted for its proprietary Quantum Hardcoating and renowned aeroacoustic VStream windscreen designs; Belt Drives Ltd: Recent new products from the Anaheim, California based specialist include the Shovelhead ‘Shorty Drive’ belt drive conversion. Said to provide exceptional driveline support and “extended life, strength, smooth operation and reliability for the traditional Shovelhead driveline designs and components,” it is a complete “Shovel Shorty” electric start drive kit, featuring a billet rear plate that covers the trans drive while providing support for the clutch basket assembly; 24 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MARCH 2018