American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 222 January 2018 - Page 18

Midwest additions for 2018 The 2018 Midwest Motorcycle Supply catalog has “all the essentials that matter most at a frugal price, plus our own proprietary Ultima products, such as the Ultima engine family that is drag raced by Chariots of Fire Racing and regularly shows up in world class custom bike competitions,” according to the Pevely, Missouri based V-twin parts and accessory specialist. New in the Ultima engine family for 2018 is a choice of polished or “stunning blackout style” finishes for shovelhead style engine, in addition to regular natural and regular black options. “Also new is our Ultima line of throttle and idle cables, clutch cables and Twin Cam engine rebuild program; our Ultima 2” late model primary belt drive is available for ’06 and up Dyna and ’07 and up Softail models, and our 2” and 3.35” Ultima belt drives are all available in black.” Also new from Midwest for 2018 is the ‘Vortex’ wheel line and ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Kool Kat’ aluminum wheels, including 23” and 26” sizes. ‘King Spoke’ wheels are also available in 23” and 26” and in black - along with a new 60-spoke line of all black wheels and new forward controls available polished or black anodized. The Ultima Motor Works engine family is available in a “multitude of displacements from 100 to 140 cubic inches, with finishes such as diamond cut, black gem, polished and ‘Blackout’. “All our drivetrain product, such as the Ultima 3.35” and 2” belt drives and transmissions are rugged, long- lasting units available for Evo Softail and Evo and Twin Cam Dynas. Complete drivetrain packages include the Ultima 6 RSD or LSD transmissions, powerful ThunderFire starter motors and ThunderVolt AGM Batteries.” Arnott suspension handlebar inflation switch The Arnott True On-Board air suspension program is available to dealers in Europe through France based purchasing portal provider, distribution, buying consortium and vendor representation specialist MAG Connection. In addition to award-winning twin Fox nitrogen charged shock air suspension kits for most popular models of Harley and other makes, the Arnott system includes this ergonomic two-button handlebar mounted switch. The digital display enables the rider to quickly adjust the Arnott air shocks and see the pressure value in pounds per square inch (PSI). The waterproof assembly mounts to the handlebar clutch perch and has separate buttons to inflate or deflate the system and a blue LED air pressure display. The inflation kit comes complete with a high- impact aluminum housing finished in black type III hard anodization, which is completely sealed off from outside elements. The black switch includes an attached wiring harness, pre-configured with the necessary connectors. The kit also includes a pressure transducer which attaches to the Arnott manifold, additional tubing, airline fittings, spade connectors and wire taps for connecting the unit to the ignition switch wire. Also available in chrome.