American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 217 August 2017 - Page 8

NEWS BRIEFS Following the success of their Soft Lip wheel blanks when launched some years ago, All American Wheel say they are set to launch a BOOTH# new hybrid series of blanks at AIMExpo in 3221 September. Las Vegas Motorcycle Hall of Fame has announced Arlen Ness as inductee into the 2017 class. In partnership with Branscombe Richmond, Las Vegas BikeFest launched their Hall of Fame at the 2016 rally. The 17th annual Las Vegas BikeFest will be held October 5 - 8, 2017 in the heart of downtown Las Vegas on Fremont East. Harley-Davidson sales revenue and production data… 2nd quarter 2017 Income statements in $1,000s (except share) Net sales revenue Gross profit Total operating income Net income Diluted earnings per common share Figures are shown in $1,000s Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. Trade Representative, has told a congressional committee that while he is “sympathetic” to American motorcyclists, dealerships and others in the “Beef for Bikes” controversy, he will not, at this stage, intervene and remove small displacement European motorcycles from a proposed import tariff on motorcycles of 500cc and less while negotiations continue in a dispute with the European Union over U.S. beef imports. RETAIL SALES OF H-D MOTORCYCLES: 8 2017 Q2 2016 Q2 $1,577,135 $575,623 $319,647 $258,867 $1,670,113 $607,558 $322,749 $280,431 $2,905,846 $1,053,108 $558,489 $445,236 $3,246,723 $1,197,838 $655,206 $530,920 $1.48 $1.55 $2.53 $2.91 THREE MONTHS ENDED 2017 Q2 2016 Q2 SIX MONTHS ENDED 2017 Q2 2016 Q2 $1,270,433 $1,330,632 $2,370,135 $2,648,210 H-D Motorcycles Parts & Accessories $237,498 $258,208 $406,523 $441,913 General Merchandise $63,017 $75,757 $118,853 $146,375 Other $6,187 $5,516 $10,335 $10,225 MOTORCYCLE SHIPMENT DATA NOTE: H-D MOTORCYLE SHIPMENT DATA IS NOT THE SAME AS RETAIL REGISTRATIONS United States 52,966 57,804 98,750 115,439 Exports 28,841 30,356 53,888 55,757 Total H-D 81,807 88,160 152,638 171,196 PRODUCT MIX A Suzuki Motor America employee is being taken to court by U.S. authorities over claims he knowingly lied for his employer in an application for a Certificate of Conformity under the Clean Air Act – altering documents to show the company would not be over its allotted emissions for the 2012 model year. SIX MONTHS ENDED 2016 Q2 NET SALES REVENUE The NHRA has announced a multi-year agreement with Mickey Thompson Tires as the series sponsor of their Top Fuel Harley motorcycle category. America’s top Ohlins suspension dealer Daniel Laine Kyle of Carmel-by-the- sea, California, is likely looking at some serious goal time and major league fines after pleading guilty to tax fraud by hiding cash transactions – he is estimated to have defrauded the US government of anywhere between $500,000 and $1.5m in taxes over a six year period. THREE MONTHS ENDED 2017 Q2 Touring Custom Sportster Total United States Canada EMEA Region Asia Pacific Region Latin America Region Total <<< Continued from cover to be a direct response to U.S. withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal that would have seen tariff barriers reduced; a withdrawal that Levatich is on record as saying “would have helped us a lot.” Harley’s total worldwide motorcycle retail sales were 81,388 in the second quarter, down by -6.7 percent, with worldwide sales -5.7 percent YTD. Of that 31,720 units were international sales, which is down by -2.3 percent for the second quarter, and are -2.1 percent for the YTD. Their Europe, Middle East and Africa region was the best performing of their export markets, with sales down by only 1.6 percent for the second quarter and -2.1 percent YTD; their European 601+cc market share was up by 0.2 percent for the second quarter at 10.3 percent, but remains -0.9 percent for the YTD at 9.4 p