American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 217 August 2017 - Page 50

W&W Cycles – always attending to the details Samwel Flathead frames degree coil boots protect plug cables’ connectors from the elements and the hands from electric strikes; made in black rubber. Brillman 6mm brass spark plug thumb nuts connect the ignition wires to the threaded studs of the stock spark plugs when using vintage style terminals, while their 13mm magneto thumb nuts are in classic bakelite to connect the ground wire that comes from the kill switch to the magneto’s interrupter housing. Bates handlebars The European made reproduction 45” Flathead style frames seen here are from Samwel Supplies of the Netherlands – a well-known and leading old style parts manufacturer. They can be used as a stock replacement or as a basis for a scratch build bobber or chopper and fit 45”/750cc solo models from 1941 to 1952. Made in steel and drop-forged steel and available in black powder-coated finish. a durable, strong billet aluminum housing with five LED indicators for turn signals, oil, high beam and neutral; they come with a stainless steel bracket for universal installation; available chromed or black. ‘Zeus’ USB charger socket ‘Slant’ RSD exhaust systems These ‘Slant’ 2:1 exhaust systems are designed by Roland Sands Design (RSD) in satin finish stainless steel with race style spring secured muffler connections. Manufactured for RSD by Vance & Hines, they have drilled heat shields and slash-cut carbon end caps; suitable for 2004 and up Sportsters (not homologated in Europe yet), they have a 1 ¾” header. LED inserts and spotlights New W&W handlebar options include these German made Bates 77cm wide by 35.5 cm high ‘Long Beach’ and 91 cm by 16.5 cm high ‘Big Sur’ designs in chromed or black powder-coated or bare finish 3mm wall thickness steel. Available with W1 plain or W2 cable routing, with or without dimples, for 1981 and 1982 and up applications. DBBP Wave Bars From Pangea Speed, this 5v/1.5A 60mm ‘Zeus’ USB charger socket and switch has a strong, durable billet aluminum housing with built-in bracket and stand- off spacer to make them easy to mount nearly anywhere. A rubber lid keeps out dirt and water when the charger is not in use; comes with 120 cm wires, mounting bolt and wire terminals. Brillman accessories As LED based lamps are get more popular, these E1 approved 12v 5 ¾” LED inserts allow traditional optics to be maintained with all the durability and benefits of bright LED technology. Features include clear polycarbonate lenses, chrome-coloured edging and shade borders. Also seen here, these steel, ECE approved 12v custom LED spotlights are similar to the classic 1962 and up spotlights, but with updated technology. They feature E13-approved LED inserts for a state-of-the- art lighting performance. Available chromed or black, with tinted LED lamp insert and mounting block. Daytona indicator lights Daytona Beta 12v indicator light units are precision made micro LED indicator light units which feature 50 W&W have added a number of USA made Brillman accessories, including these 7mm vintage ignition wires with old school style braided cotton 16-gauge spark plug wire for custom cable fabrication. It contains modern PVC insulation and stranded copper for top performance – note though that copper core wires should not be used with electronic ignitions other than Dyna “S”; 12 color versions available. Brillman’s vintage ignition wire terminals for vintage style braided cotton spark plug wires are available in a wide selection of fittings and terminals – including fork, ring, snap and hook types. Also seen here, Brillman’s 24mm old style 180- AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - AUGUAT 2017 These 67 cm DBBP Wave Bars by Dutch based customizer Mark van der Kwaak feature “distinctive design and meticulous craftsmanship” with a cast center piece low mounting on the upper triple tree - directly bolting to the upper crown without risers for a sleek look. Biltwell ‘Utility’ mirrors These 98mm stem length ‘Utility’ mirrors by Biltwell are made in die-cast aluminum with a stainless steel ball joint. The threaded base accepts a 5/16- 18 stainless steel button cap Allen bolt for easy mounting on a wide range of stock and aftermarket hand controls; available chromed or matt black. W&W CYCLES AG Wuerzburg, GERMANY Tel: +49 (0)931 250 61 16