American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 217 August 2017 - Page 48

‘14 - ‘17 wide tire ‘Builders Kit’ options PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Best known for their brake calipers, rotors, triple trees, front forks, fenders, Dahlonega, Georgia based Hawg Halters Inc has gained significant market traction in recent years with their ‘Builders Kits’ – not least their neck rake and complete front end solutions. In particular, their easy-install compatible component packages for stock conversions have proven a real hit in the market, especially for Touring models and Baggers– saving dealers planning and ordering time and overheads, with labor and package parts savings that can help them win the business. Also available for ’00 - ‘13 Tourers, earlier this year the company updated its 2014 and up front wide tire ‘Builders Kits’ for MY 2017 M-8 Tourer coverage, allowing installation of a 180 tire up front, to “create a truly exciting front wide tire bike upgrade that integrates with and complements the stock 180mm rear tire perfectly,” says Hawg Halter’s owner Mark Thompson. “This kit is truly a bolt on conversion that is ideally suited for this 180mm wide tire configuration and does not require a triple tree replacement.” The basic late model HHI wide tire ‘Builders Kit’ includes custom machined stock lower legs, custom billet taper-cut fork covers, custom tapered axle spacers, custom HHI hidden axle kit, hardware and a custom all steel fender. The kits can be ordered for dual or single sided brake calipers, in black, chrome or raw for the custom builder who has a color theme to match. The wide tire kits utilize an 18 x 5.5 wheel on the front, which can utilize either dual stock calipers or several brake upgrade packages, including HHI 4- piston direct bolt on calipers, “or our industry leading 13 inch, single disc package with direct bolt on 6- piston caliper in chrome or black finishes.” Also available is their new for 2017 Spartan wheel in 18 x 5.5, or a complete selection of Renegade wheel designs with the correct dual or single hub installed and ready to fit, with choice of Avon or Metzeler tires mounted and balanced. For ‘14 and later models, the stock rear wheel and tire size of 16” x 180mm or 18” x 180mm are acceptable combinations with the HHI wide tire kit, and late model kits feature their new billet fork covers as well. BOOTH# HAWG HALTERS INC. Dahlonega, Georgia, USA Tel: 877 442 5837 1059 48 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - AUGUST 2017