American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 217 August 2017 - Page 40

NUVIZ fully integrated Head-Up Display helmet add-on now available PARTS AND A CCESS O RIES San Diego, California based NUVIZ has announced the commercial availability of the first fully integrated Head-Up Display (HUD) designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders. With a $10m investment from KTM owner Stefan Pierer driving production, their fully integrated HUD is designed to be added onto a motorcyclist’s full-face helmet and displays customizable information near the rider’s natural line of sight. NUVIZ say that their system “seamlessly brings together all of the important functions of motorcyclists’ navigation, communication and media players into a single device, allowing riders to stay connected, but not distracted. NUVIZ includes a built-in HD action camera and a wireless handlebar controller that ensures intuitive control of all functions. “Once mounted to the helmet and aligned to the user’s eye, the advanced NUVIZ optics create a virtual image that “floats” just in the periphery of the eyesight, reducing eye movements and the need to re-focus inside the motorcycle’s cockpit. This integrated all-in-one system removes the cockpit clutter of multiple devices, and allows a rider to move from motorcycle to motorcycle with a single helmet- mounted solution. “Adventure motorcycle riders, who often stand while riding, will enjoy consistent access to all their important information without having to look down into the cockpit. Powered by NUVIZ, riders can take charge of their riding experience and interact seamlessly with all of these different technologies in one easy-to-use device.” Co-founder Malte Laass says that “years ago we “the NUVIZ optics create a virtual image” were sure we had a good idea and the right technical expertise to bring this product to market. As enthusiasts, we wanted to develop a solution that not only enhances and simplifies the riding experience, but lays a foundation for the forthcoming technology revolution that will affect riders.” NUVIZ pairs with a dedicated smartphone app available via the App Store and Google Play, allowing riders to plan routes and save favorite rides, instantly access photos captured with NUVIZ, or view riding stats tracked with NUVIZ’s comprehensive set of sensors. The NUVIZ app will also allow users to share their rides, discover new routes, record ride data, and edit and upload photos instantly via social media. The NUVIZ app allows for easy updates and the addition of new features as they are added, further improving the rider experience. Through a combination of features on the app and the handlebar controller, the rider can access critical information such as current and posted speeds with “enhances and simplifies the riding experience” 40 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - AUGUST 2017