American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 217 August 2017 - Page 31

™ M TER O N 2016 Freestyle class 7th place - ’ y n n ‘ Bo One of the enduring characteristics of the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building (when it was staged in the United States just as much as now that it is held in Germany) has been the platform it has provided for the emerging talents of the fast growing custom bike scene in Central and Eastern European countries. ussian builders have been regulars at the ‘AMD’ for many years, and have achieved some great results, and never fail to show great bikes. One such has been Sergei Maltsev and the crew from Fine Custom Mechanics, Moscow. Their first appearance at the World Championship was in Sturgis in 2009 with ‘Bender’, a ‘Puncher’ Pandemonium 88” engined Springer with a RevTech 6-speed, perimeter brakes, own made rigid frame and Rick’s (Germany) billet spoked wheels (Top 20 Freestyle class). In 2010 they followed that up with ‘Moscow’, an innovative Ultima 120” engined quasi-rigid – it had a swingarm but with twin springs mounted to the rear axle left and right, with a Baker Dual Drive 5-speed and Autoclutch (9th in the Freestyle class). R Both bikes made it clear that here was a dedicated group of talented engineers who were capable of innovation, followed by ‘Boo’ in 2014 (an Ultima shovelhead style 96” engined rigid with girder style front end and perimeter brakes (Top 30 Freestyle class). Then last year (2016) they brought two bikes - ‘Rook’, which scored a 4th place in the Retro Mod class, but BOOM!, along came ‘Bonny’, scoring 7th place in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, their best ever finish and one of the finest pieces of avant-garde craftsmanship and creativity seen for many a year. The engine is a 750cc M72 2015 ‘Puncher’ – ‘Puncher’ being a colloquial for the BMW R71 derived ‘Boxer’ twin that has gone on to be the most produced engine in the history of the motorcycle industry. The M72 was, essentially, a Soviet WWII era ‘Boxer’ copy that was produced in various factories from the early 1940s and up. The Soviets acquired the blueprints and tooling designs from BMW in 1940 before the Nazis tore up the non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia and invaded the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa), in Moscow known as the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact and invaded Russia in 1941. Much of Soviet industry was packed up and moved east, out of the range of the German bombers, and this M72 was built at IMZ in Irbit (Irbit Motorcycle Factory, where Urals are also made) from 1943 until 1955 – about 1,300 miles east of Moscow – and this is a 1955 example. FCM have been producing ‘Puncher’ engines since 2004. The engine runs on methanol, has a Mikuni 35.5mm Flatside alcohol tuned carb, with an AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - AUGUST 2017 31