American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 217 August 2017 - Page 14

NEWS BRIEFS Motul has announced a partnership with Jason Paul Michaels and his Standard Motorcycle Co-op, Florida’s “first and only Co-op motorcycle garage and educational facility focused on creativity, collaboration and friendship among the Co-op’s users.” Motul will be providing a free oil change to all Co-op members. Manitowoc, Wisconsin based motorcycle covers and luggage (Willie & Max brand) manufacturer Dowco has hired former Tucker Rocky luggage category manager Dave Komoroski as National Account Manager for their Powersports and Equipment market segments. He will manage OEM, brand and contract manufacturing business segments for Dowco. Brookfield, Connecticut based blender Spectro Oils has announced that it is now the ‘Official Oil’ of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip campground. As part of the partnership, Spectro Oil changes will be BOOTH# available at the newl y built 1515 Sturgis Rider Superstore at the Buffalo Chip. Kuryakyn is offering investment cast aluminum finned spark plug covers with wrinkle black finish to fill the visible gap on the cylinder heads of Milwaukee Eight Touring models. The complete Cycle Care line of motorcycle cleaning and detailing products is now available through Biker’s Choice. Founded in 1992 by CEO Andy Meadors to develop products that were “in compliance with the cleaning and preserving instructions written in the manuals of motorcycle, windshield, seat and tire manufacturers,” the line includes bike washes, mud release, dry detailers, and polish for paint, chrome, leather and metal. 14 Like old, but just new German old style and vintage parts and bikes specialist W&W Cycles has added more Cannonball brand products for Flatheads, Knuckleheads and Panheads. W&W say they are authentic reproductions, ranging from engine cases, cylinder heads, cylinders and oil pumps to internals such as lifter blocks, camshafts and timing gear sets. All Cannonball parts are precision manufactured to the stock tolerances in Germany, though the materials now used “were the stuff of dreams in the old days.” The program is named as an homage to the legendary record runs of Erwin George “Cannonball” Baker, who in 1914 thundered across the continental United States, coast to coast, in an at that time hard to believe 11 days. The line also includes leaf spring forks, handlebars, WR-style tanks, mag wheels, brakes and fenders. The Cannonball engine housings are finished and detailed like the originals, so they will unobtrusively blend into an old engine, with both case halves carefully matched and featuring pre- installed case bushing which are line-bored and lapped for standard rollers; cam bushings are already in place too, reamed to standard size. The selection includes cases with a smooth, uniform glass bead-blasted finish and cases with an NOS (new old stock) finish. The latter means the finished cases are not bead-blasted but treated in a traditional process, which gives them the appearance of new factory cases that have been sitting on the shelf for 50 years – perfect for those “patina restorations”. All cases feature laser engraved CB production numbers, which are registered and filed. Indian ink – but not as we know it Well, this has got to be a first! Indian Motorcycle has taken the opportunities for brand related Tattoo Art to an altogether new level with what is claimed to be the world's first Tattoo Ink made from motorcycle parts. No, really - read on. Artist and co-founder of Nocturnal Ink, Franco Vescovi, made the ink by carefully extracting a sample of tire AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - AUGUST 2017 rubber obtained from a burn- out performed on his modified Indian Scout by freestyle moto- crosser Carey Hart. To ensure safety, toxins were removed and the carbon was sterilized before Carey’s son’s name, Jameson, was tattooed on his neck - taking the whole concept of "motorcycles in the blood" in an entirely new direction! The Indian Motorcycle Ink will BOOTH# 3307 be used exclusively at Vescovi’s Vatican Studios in Lake Forest, CA, and at four Hart & Huntington tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Orlando, Niagara Falls and Nashville beginning July 11th until they run out, and the ink is gone forever. inked