American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 57

Zodiac adds E-marked Thor Cat retrofit system equipped ‘Freedoms’ Freedom Performance E-approved exhausts Netherlands based Zodiac International has stepped up its commitment to the Californian made Freedom Performance exhaust systems and slip-on mufflers programs with new inventory, including Freedom’s E- approved Thor Cat retrofit system equipped slip-on mufflers for 2004 thru 2016 XL Sportster, 1984 thru 2016 Softail, 1991 thru 2016 Dyna, 1984 thru 2016 Touring with 80ci (1,340cc) Evolution, and 88ci, 96ci, 103ci and 110ci Twin Cam engines. Complete 2-into-1 and 2-into-2 systems with full length heavy duty 16-gauge heat shields on the headers are available for 1986 to present 883 and 1200 XL Sportster, 1984 to present Softail, 1991 to present Dyna and 1984 thru 2016 Touring models with 80ci (1,340cc) Evolution, as well as 88ci, 96ci, 103ci and 110ci Twin Cam engines - approvals for Milwaukee Eight powered Tourers are said to be in progress. Slip-on mufflers and full systems are also available for all 2014 to present Chief, Chieftain, Classic, Dark Horse, Roadmaster, Scout, Springfield and Vintage models, and complete 2-into-2 systems for 2012- 2013 Chief Classic, Dark Horse and Vintage are due to arrive with Zodiac shortly. All complete Freedom Performance exhaust systems come with heat shields on the headers, offering an almost seamless fit to the muffler bodies. Headers feature, dependent on the application and configuration of the system, 3 to 5 diametrical steps to keep exhaust gas flow as high as possible; Freedom’s systems are available with a high-quality chrome plated finish or in ceramic black, described by Zodiac as still to date “the one and only ever- lasting black finish that won't chip, discolor or fade.” ‘Odd Concept’ parts and accessories line Zodiac is now selling the craftsman made ‘Odd Concept’ line of parts and accessories, made in Sweden. ‘Odd Concept’ is a relatively young company that designs and produces stylish parts with the emphasis on quality and form and function. The product line inclu FW2FW6R7FVVvFW"6FV@wwrF666Ц'&6WG2FBf"VgB6FRe"7GRvF607F&WGvVVFR7ƖFW'2RF#27'G7FW"FV2BvF6BvF&V6F'&6WBf"#BF&W6VBFV266vW&RF27FVVvFW"6FV@7VVFWFW"&V6F'&6WB&V6FW2FR7F67VVFWFW"FFRVgB6FRbFR&R7BPF&W6VB7'G7FW"FV2vFFR7G&vBRƖv@v&r6W7FW"7'G7FW"f'GVvBFV2&WV&PFR6W&FRW&66Rb7VVF&6FR@7VVF7W6FW"&WV&VB&Gv&R06VFVBGF6W2FFRg&BFVFr&Bf&'&6Rf f'GVvG0FW&FfVǒv2( GvV&.( f&7F&ƗW "f&'&6R'WBvFWfW"FW&R6VBFW6G&7F6ǒ&fRFRF'6&vFGbFRg&@f&W7V6ǒ&W2vF6vRF62g&B'&Rf&Rf"#f'GVvG26&R &6।D2DU$D%`֖G&V6BUDU$E0FVâ3#r#c#6W4F2wwrF2U$4D$54RDTU"TŒ#pS