American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 48

Mini-Grenades Vance & Hines say their “lean and mean” Mini- Grenades “pack a punch with their signature staggered three-step design finished with race- inspired CNC-machined billet end caps.” Available in chrome or matt black, they have “a muscular compact stance and an aggressive deep tone, resulting in one tough Sportster exhaust system.” With an optional quiet baffle available, they fit 2004- 2017 Sportster models with forward and mid- controls. VANCE & HINES Santa Fe Springs, California, USA Tel: 562 921 7461 Reinforced Kevlar core ignition wire sets “These new Twin Power ignition wires won’t cure cancer, but they will deliver good, reliable spark at a fair price,” says James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power. The ignition leads are 8.65mm thick with 500 ohm/foot of resistance. The Kevlar core has been reinforced with fiberglass strands for additional strength, then covered with a layer of EPDM - ethylene propylene diene monomer M-class synthetic rubber - a versatile and tolerant, resistant elastomer that makes it ideal for road-going applications; the M refers to its classification in ASTM standard D-1418. Twin Power then adds a layer of braided tape for flexibility, with Mag wire to ensure conductivity and eliminate RFI (radio frequency interference) and noise; finally, they have an outer jacket of high-quality silicone that also provides heat resi stance and extends the durability of the wire set. The ignition wires feature a silicone distributor and spark plug boots to help dissipate the heat; the terminals are stainless steel to reduce potential corrosion. Each ignition lead is built with SAE J2031 class E rated cable for heat protection of 450º F. Each set includes a packet of dielectric grease to prevent arcing, keep moisture out and prevent corrosion; two miniature cable ties are included. They are available as direct fit sets for most popular models and universal sets for custom applications. Ciro gets its Fangs out Add some fangs to the front end, says Ciro, with a Ciro Fang headlight bezel, an option “for adding safety and style,” according to the Hudson, Wisconsin based accessories designer. Available in chrome or black for ’96-’13 and ’14 and up Electra, Street and Tri Glides, the easy install, built- in ultra-bright white LED offers extra light around the headlight and looks like “it was designed along with the rest of the bike – it flows perfectly with the OEM fairing in addition to being easily painted to color- match. The hassle-free, no drill installation means it is easily removable to service the headlight. Ciro Fang signal light inserts styled to complement the Bezel also available. Also seen here, Fang signal light inserts “are a great way to add modern styling and class to a bike, while also increasing visibility. We've engineered the lens to amplify light output for maximum brightness as well as DOT compliance. “The result is an eye-catching white LED halo running light and super bright amber turn signal from the front inserts. The back of the bike gets the bright red treatment with the same halo effect but with red LEDs and a super bright red brake light. “The included angled trim rings are available in black or chrome. Installation is a breeze because you simply remove the stock lens and incandescent bulb, plug the Fang into the OEM socket and snap on the lens.” Available through Drag Specialties and Zodiac International. CIRO Hudson, Wisconsin, USA Tel: 715 808 0027 BIKER’S CHOICE Fort Worth, Texas, USA Tel: 817 258 9000 48 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - JULY 2017