American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 43

BDL “EVB” options and conversion inserts ‘EVB’ 2SL enclosed belt drive conversion Anaheim, California based manufacturer BDL continues to be the market leader where belt drive options are concerned – their ‘EVB’ closed primary belt drive series has been setting standards for years and remains one of the company’s most popular units. A true “bolt-on” favorite with builders around the world, the fully inclusive kits include clutch baskets that feature 12 cylindrical, replaceable clutch dogs which allow plates to maintain constant contact, exclusive Kevlar clutch plates to provide maximum grip and smooth operation and a rugged, fully polished pressure plate with “9” shoulder bolts and springs that can be easily changed to adjust clutch pressure to the rider’s liking and a totally sealed inner primary bearing. Currently available for most year and model H-Ds with crossover to a wide variety of custom applications, the 1970-1983 rear chain 4-speed Shovelhead model is seen here. For those thinking about replacing an early engine with a Twin Cam, but who want to retain the already installed BDL belt drive, the conversion is made possible with the use of this new front pulley insert, which bolts easily into the earlier style front pulleys just as the original insert did. The difference is the new insert (for 0-2” drives), Belt Drives limited ‘EVB’ drive broached to fit the TC engine sprocket shaft, which means that instead of 10 splines you have 24. Once Twin Cam engine sprocket conversion in place, the insert allows builders to install the newer style Twin Cam engine and still run their current belt drive set-up. BELT DRIVES LTD Anaheim, California, USA Tel: 714 693 1313 PC V for 110” Dyna Glides Dynojet’s Power Commander V for ’16-‘17 110 inch Dyna Glides features fuel and timing control, ‘Rev Xtend’ rev limit increaser and can read the exact engine temperature through the bike’s ECM, allowing the tuner to choose how much fuel to add during cold starts, meaning cold starting on heavily modified engines should be more controllable and easy to adjust. USB powered from a computer, two position map-switching function is built-in (switch not included); any SPST switch can be added, allowing the user to toggle between two different fuel/timing maps; gear/speed input allows for map adjustment based on gear, and analog input allows the user to install any 0-5 volt sensor. An adjustment table can be built based on analog inputs, such as boost or temperature. The PC V is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually, and for each gear with the gear position input connected. It offers an enhanced “accel pump” utility, ten throttle position columns and access to what Dynojet say is the world’s largest dyno tested map database. DRAG SPECIALTIES Janesville, Wisconsin, USA Tel: 608 758 1111