American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 42

The Baker GrudgeBox 6-speed overdrive builder kit – did somebody say “robust”? h my! Bert Baker’s grudge is finally out in the open – that is to say that after two years of development and testing, refinement and re-testing, Bert Baker’s ‘GrudgeBox’ 6-speed overdrive builder kit is finally on the open roads! Described as being built to “take the high horsepower abuse found in late model H-D performance applications while providing elegant shift precision,” there are two configurations offered for 2006 and later Dynas and 2007 and later Softails and Tourers. GrudgeBox ‘Street’ has straight cut 1st, 2nd and 3rd O “mod-free install” gears, helical 4th, 5th and 6th, “designed and geared for everyday highway riders with modern H-D horsepower.” The straight cut 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears are for “efficient torque multiplication,” with the helical 4th, 5th and 6th gears delivering “smooth and quiet cruising” with a 250 rpm drop at higher highway speeds (approx. 80 mph). The engineering focus is on “excessive durability” with a patent pending “bulletproof” main drive gear bearing and gears up to 40% wider than stock. With positive dog tooth engagement in gear (pie shaped shift dogs), frictionless linear detent shift system (for smooth shifting), redundant neutral detent (to make it easy to find neutral), low effort, single axis/linear motion ratchet pawl (for crisp, tight and easy shifting) and greater durability than stock, one of the most extraordinary things about Baker’s ‘Street’ and ‘Strip’ GrudgeBox designs is that they require absolutely no, as in zero, zip, zilch, nada modifications to the stock cases. The GrudgeBox ‘Strip’ gives you straight 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gears – “designed and geared for performance buffs, racers and speed freaks Stock (left) GrudgeBox Street (right) 42 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - JULY 2017 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES “torque, torque and more torque” seeking negligible power loss.” Having all the gears straight cut results in “negligible parasitic power loss, providing maximum power transfer to the rear wheel.” It has wide ratio gearing for heavier performance applications and is built for aggressive )х́́х́ЁٕٔɅ)̸)Q ЁՑ ͡Ё)ɕ́ͥѥٔȁЁѕ+qɕ)͵ѡȁ͡ѥt)Ѐqɔȁѡtѡ)͡Ёմѥ́ᕐͥ)͵Ѡ܁ѥ᥹q%ӊéѼ)ɅݥѠȁɕչЁɅ)ѕаݡ́ɅѕѼѡ)ɍѕɔѡ͡ЁѕtQɔ́)͵ѠȀļˊtѕЁɥ)ɥɼɥ̰ݥѠ)ȁѥɽ䁄(Ёɼɥ)͕䁅ѱ)ɕͥɥ) ȁ́ͅѡ+qٕѥ͡ѕ)ݱ́ٔȵ)ٽЁѕ=ȁ)܁Ёͥ)̽ȁѥ)͡ѕȁݰɽхѕ)ɽɅ)ٽЁа)Ց Mɥ)ݥѥս́ѥѡɽ՝Ёѡ͡)ݥѠٕȵ͡Ёѽ́ɕٕѥ䁵͕)̻͡t)ѕȁɕՍѽȁɥ͕́ѡٕ)ͥѡɽ՝ѡѽ͕ͽȰѡ)ձ͕́ȁѡ́ͅѽQѽ)ѕȁݥєѡɕЁݥѡ)ѡ͔ɕɅѥA 4ɕ́͠ɕեɕ)ȁɕЁȁѥɽȁե͔ɽ)Ʌѥ)%ѕȁ͕ݕȁѥ́ݕ)եѕȁٕ呅䁍եͥѡ͡͡Ё)͕ѡՑ ɽ٥ͥѱ䁵ɔ)ѽѠЁɕȁͥѥٔѽѠ)Ёݡȸ ˊé፱ͥٔѕ)Չхɕɽȁɥ͕)ѕ́ѡѽѽɥٔ)ɥɕ̸+q ٕѥ͡ѕȁݱ́ٔȵЁٽ)ѕ=ȁ܁ͥ̽ȁѥ͡ѕ)ݰ́ݕȁ́ѥݥ)չȁ͕ݕȁɕͥٔ͡ѥtQ) ȁՑ ́ݥѠԵ啅ȼ)ѕ݅Ʌ䃊qȁፕͥٔѽՔ䰁ɥ)͡ѥݽ䁙ɕɕͥٔɥt) -HI%YQI%8)!ͱа5UM)Q܀)ɑɥٕɅ)ܹɑɥٕɅ)ܹ5͡