American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 38

Paughco – keeping the flame alive Legendary Carson City, Nevada based manufacturer Paughco keeps the custom flag flying, probably offering more in-house made own brand custom parts and accessories, of more kinds, for more Harley models and applications than any other manufacturer in the world. Their billet aluminum triple trees are designed to minimize the handling and front end flop problems associated with altered front end geometry. Specifically, these 6-degree trees were developed to accommodate a number of their most popular chopper frames with 45° neck rake. Used in conjunction with these "raked" frames and appropriate length extended front ends, the 6- degree offset provides near stock “trail” dimensions, which in turn virtually eliminates radical front end flop. Paughco trees are CNC-machined from 6061- T6 billet aluminum, polished and show chrome plated. Other model Paughco billet trees are available in stock, 3, 5 and 6-degree rake configurations for both wide and narrow front ends with 39mm and 41mm legs. Their extensive line of custom and OEM style replacement oil tanks covers just about any application ever conceived. Shown here are their new universal round chopper tank, replacement seamless wrap-around, 3.5 wrap-around and custom FL/FX replacement with battery box. Offered in sizes and with mounting hardware to fit just about any stock or custom chassis, both the new and Legacy oil tanks offered by Paughco are available with or without oil OEM filter cartridge and come supplied with fittings and caps; they are all fabricated from US steel and plated on site by Paughco. These vintage stock style replacement steel floorboards for early and late Big Twins feature non- skid rubber and chrome inserts and are accurate reproductions of those found on 1936-1964 Harleys. Available in black and chrome and with or without riveted inserts. Paughco’s straight leg Swedish style chopper frames for Twin Cam power engines are available in a variety of configurations with choices from 2”, 3”, 4” or 5” backbone stretch and 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” in the front legs; also available in stock and ultra-wide versions to accept up to 180 series rubber with belt drive and 200 series with chain. The standard models accept 130 series tires with 1.5” conventional final belt drive. While Paughco recommends no more than a 40- Billet aluminum triple trees Straight leg Swedish style chopper frames for Twin Cam power engines degree neck rake for use with stock trees, builders can go to 45 degrees when used in conjunction with their new 6-degree billet triple tree for an “awesome, almost power steering like feel in the front end.” The easy to install solid brass drag pipe tips seen here are a precision fit into 1 ¾” and 2” straight cut drag pipes - simply slip the tip into the pipe, drill a hole for the retaining screw and secure in place. There are two styles available for 2” pipes; short curve, long curve and tapered are offered; sold in pairs. Finally, these new hardcore chopper dump pipes for right-side drive and Softail [[\HH]\Y][ۜ]Y&\\Yۙ\\Y\^]\ B\YۙYH][H\\ݚYH[[Y\ܛX[H[8'H\[[[HYY\XZ]\܋'B^H\H 'H[X[Y]\[[\\Z[B[Z\[ۋX]Y[\H]Z[XH܈H\[ێHٝZ[[[\ٙ\Y]܈]]Y[[܈[܈ NN Y XX[\ˈ[\\\H[\Y[\XKœ]X[]HYKUQ\ۈ]K]YKTB[ H M[]Y˘B˜]Y˘B[YH[H\X[Y[Y[ܘ\\H[SH[B\X[Y[[[\[\\\\Y\H\ːSQ[\[ۜ\ BSQTPSSԐPHPST HSH M