American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 35

™ ‘Hard Call’ - Kenji Nagai's stock-free detail fest Ken’s Factory, the parts and accessories business developed by former World and European Championship competitor Kenji Nagai, goes from strength to strength. The recent big news is that his award-winning ‘Fusion’ parts program is being sold by Drag Specialties and we are pleased to present here ‘Hard Call’, a 2008 FLHX that has been given the full treatment. ‘Hard Call’ is more than just a showcase for Japanese master builder and parts designer Kenji Nagai’s one- off and volume series parts production prowess, it is a tour de force in its own right - reinforcing his mantra that it is the “details that create style.” It got its name as a supercharged hot rod bike, yet it has one of his custom girder front ends, borrowed from a past chopper era, hard bags and fairing like a touring bike. The bags were made slim to “cut through traffic” and the frame is reminiscent of an FXR - a sport touring bike. So, as Kenji says: “It’s a hard call as to what style of bike to label it as.” A bit of a styling exercise and design concept, ‘Hard Call’ was put together in about a year. Just for strict Japanese DMV legalities, the bike does have a 2008 FLHX VIN, so it can stay registered as a Harley, but nothing on this bike was left stock. The 108” Twin Cam engine still has factory cases, cylinders and heads, but there are S&S cams inside, an EFI controller by ThunderMax, an Eaton M62 supercharger and Ken’s Factory rocker boxes, throttle body, and a one-off custom air cleaner. The transmission is the 6-gear from the 2008 FLHX, but with German made NH Power N-Power clutch and primary. The frame is a Ken’s one-off with no stretch and 44 degrees of rake. The Ken’s Factory 4” over girder style front end is also a one-off, and it has an Ohlins shock at the front with two at the rear, and a one-off Ken’s swingarm. The front wheel is a Ken’s 23” x 3.75” (18” x 5.5” at the rear); calipers a ɔ ɕݥѠ-e)ѽɽѽ́ձ)ͽɥ́Ց5ѽн 聝՝̰-e)ѽɥ屔ɥ́)ɽ̰XIа́ɔ)Ցѡ̰́х̰͠)ɸ̰͔ͥչЁ͕и)5䁽ѡ-éѽ͕ɥ́ɽՍѥ)ͥ́ɔمѡɽ՝ɅMѥ̸)-;eL Q=Id)M! ɹUM)QȀ܀)ͽ͙ѽ̈́)͙ѽ̈́)ܹ5͡)5I% 85=Q=I e 11H)U1d(