American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 34

™ o stranger to AMD’s World and European Championship programs, Hungarian builder Sapka Muvek brought three bikes to Cologne in October 2016 – scoring a top twenty finish in the Freestyle class with Ultima 113” engined ‘Black Brass’. Using a Chica hardtail frame, Ultima drivetrain with open primary and DNA spoke wheels, ‘Black Brass’ oozes signature detailing and touches – check out the oil tank! We first got to know Sapka many years ago when he won the AMD European Championship at Custom Chrome’s Dealer Show in Germany in 2007 and went on to a 5th place at the AMD World Championship later the same year. His bike back then, called Time Machine, was an all wood and brass homage to HG Wells and his famous novel - the wheels, for example, were made in Lignum Vitae – a wood so dense, strong, hard, heavy and water and salt resistant that its engineering uses have even included the main shaft in nuclear powered submarines! Fast forward to 2016 and Sapka also competed with ‘BSA 42’, a 250cc 1961 BSA C14 in the Retro Modified class and a 1997 BMW R100 RS in the Cafe Racer class. M TER O N N 2007 World Championship freestyle entry ‘TIME MACHINE’ 2016 World Championship Retro Modified entry ‘BSA 42’ 34 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - JULY 2017 2016 World Championship Cafe Racer entry 1997 BMW R100 RS