American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 29

JULY 2017 ‘s ™ RMO T TE N This edition includes... Custom Bike Show 2017 • South Africa Bike Festival 2017 • Christopher Marschka’s ‘Patriot Special’ • Chaos Cycle’s ‘Thugnificent’ • Sapka Muvek Timeless Machines • Ken’s Factory’s ‘Hard Call’ Custom Bike Show - Norrtälje, Sweden, June 3rd Arguably the world’s oldest custom motorcycle show, the Custom Bike Show in Sweden (June 3) saw some 230 bikes competing in eight classes for the chance to win expenses to compete at next year’s 13th AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building at ‘INTERMOT Customized’, Cologne, Germany, in October 2018. The ‘Custom Bike Show’ was the first event to become an AMD World Championship Affiliate 13 years ago, and this year was the 43rd ‘Custom Bike Show’ organized by Sweden’s Twin Club MC since it started in 1971. The show is a one day ‘Ride-In’ staged in the city park at the hugely supportive, motorcycle-friendly coastal city of Norrtälje an hour north east of Swedish capital city Stockholm – estimates suggest that this year saw more than 5,000 Z\[ݙ\K \]ܜ[[\[ۈHX[[][]HH[ݙ\Y[[ZYܚ[[Y\X\ܝ^K[[ H[X]\ ]XK]X[XH[\ۚXJB[\X[KY[\[ۛۈ\H8'[\Y8'H܂\[[[ۙH[Y\[Hۙ™ܚ\]HY[ۜYۙY\ܞH[HX\\YHH Z\\][[H&\›\\\H8&\\&K][ZH[0Hܘ\Xو][XK[[ Z[H\[[H\وHYHSQܛ[\[ۜ\^\˂Hܛ[[\]HوU\\H]ܛ\\[]Y[K\XX[H[[ۙH \\Y[\][[H8&YHX\&H\YۙHXYBH][K]H\[Z[Z[HXZ“p[0 [H[[ \XZ[[H][B[Y[X\[OK]Xۙ[\X\Z[HY\[[\ۈBܛ0HXۙ]H]ۂHܛ]Y[][\[ܝۊK[\XH[[\[B[X\]H][\^ۋH[^\[ݘ]]HܙX]]]Bو\Z^\[]\H\[]Y[H]]H]\[[&\¸&[X[[]\&KH\H[[[ \[]\YۂوH[ XZ[ NLL[B[\]YH[[HX^H]BYYHوH\8'8'H\\ːSQ[\[ۜ\ BBܘ][Z\XY 8'[[H[\H][[[H]]\^\Y'JK]\[^\\B[H\\ܛHو\HܘYX[\ ]Y'ܚY[[8'H[\Y[ݙ\]BSQܛ[\[ۜ\^H[\‘][[HYBܙX]]H[ٝ[^X˜\\وH]\X[\HZHZ[[œ[KY܈]ٝ[XXX]ܛBX\H[[\\H\HY\H^\˂\\[H][[\^H\H[]\K[H NML\XX[K[][˜ܙX]]HH8&]&H[H\ݙ[H[B\XYK[Y[\X[H[ N Z\\[ܘXH\X\Y[ NL K\[RH]\HXYH][ܘY HBL H HH[]XY[ܘXH ][[[HHH[[\XJH]\XYBH[Z[X\Y[]\X[X]H\[\[ݚY\˂[\HZY[HوYY[[Y\[\\Hܙ]ۙK[]ۙHYB NMMJH\[X H\\[ܘXBX[YX\\H[X[[YH[Hܛ ۛ][Hܛ[YYXܙ[ NMLKNML NMM[ NMMHY[Y][\]K][[H\XZ[H\\ۈœYHH[ܘXH [JHݙ\ \ ̌K H]ۛ][H[]Y\ NMMH\[H\[H\X[YX\\B[ZH[0 Hܘ\X][XK[[Y[\H]SQ[[X\Y܈ۛY\[BوXY\ܘ\JBXZp[0Z[[\ HKY[[\ H[[KY[˘\XZ\˜BNL H[[ NL̋[KY[\YH]]X\][ NMM][[]\[Hܛ8&\™\\H[[[[Y\[ NM ]\]\[[X][HݙHZ\[[X[[[]HZ[[Y\H\[^HX]Hۙ\Y[[NMH[Y[Z\]][[ۋ]YBXYX\NH[ܘXHX[ۈX\Y[NM8$Z\\[[\H8&]ZX L8&KSQTPSSԐPHPST HSH MŒ