American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 216 July 2017 - Page 24

Big Twin inner clutch hub Covingtons introduce “Destroyer Performance Package” for M-8 Woodward, Oklahoma based Covingtons Customs says that “if your customers are looking for more performance from their new Milwaukee-Eights, then with our 40 plus years of experience building fast, award-winning motorcycles, we have created the perfect power solution.” Working closely with EFI-upgrade specialists ThunderMax, Covingtons says that their new package offer is the “ultimate “power triad” utilizing a custom ThunderMax electronic fuel management system, a newly designed air cleaner and our popular Destroyer exhaust system.” The company says that “multiple trips to the ThunderMax dyno during development showed documented horsepower and torque gains in the range of 30 percent. While results may vary by installation, there is no denying that this simple 3- part upgrade produced significant power gains on the new 107 and 114 inch motors.” Available from Drag Specialties, this replacement inner clutch hub for all 2011 – 2017 Big Twins with mechanical clutch accepts all OE components and features an improved, reinforced insert. Drag Specialties, USA, COVINGTONS CUSTOMS Woodward, OK, USA Tel: 580 256 2939