American Liquid Waste Magazine - June 2012 North American Sweeper Magazine - June 2012 Issue - Page 22

22 NORTH AMERICAN SWEEPER JUNE 2012 Visit Us Follow Us “They are typically easy jobs,” says Jacketta. “It isn’t hard on the equipment and the hours aren’t long. I wish I had more— they pay well and on time. Everything is a positive.” Jacketta says they also have times when a resident will see the street sweeper coming but won’t have his car moved until after the sweeper has passed so they chase the driver down to come back. She tries to keep the same operator working the same city. “That way they get to know the city streets, employees and sometimes even the citizens,” says Jacketta. “One year just before Christmas in one of those cities, a guy came out of his house and told the driver that the neighbors on that street had all pitched in to give him a Christmas present. It was a $100. They wanted him to know that they appreciated him and the job he was doing.” With all of the positives, you can see why municipal contracting can be a great way to ll any down time you have especially if you already sweep for construction or paving companies and own a street sweeper. Story by Jennifer Taylor Resources For more information: Q Jacketta Sweeping, please call 801-973-6976 or visit Q Tymco, please visit Q Elgin, please visit