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Garcia Mortuary & Family Along with Our Lady of Guadalupe Church “I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE SMILE BACK AND SING ALONG” ALM: So how do you do that; how do you get that big? It took me about 4 months to recruit a few people to get started. I had about 6 people, which was enough, but to get a full rich sound you need about 12 people. Carlos: You have to present your product, have self-respect, create a professional brand and keep perfecting your craft. It’s all about quality and exposure. For the first time we are actually recording some of our music to make available on CD or iTunes. Social media is going to play a big part in our growth. ALM: So how do you build a business? What advice would you give to a young group that wants to make money at this profession? Carlos: There is an old Mexican saying “hazlo con hechos”. Anybody can get business cards but you really need to know your craft; you have to pay your dues. May 10th, 2014 Think about it… when was the last time you saw a Mariachi on the cover of a business magazine. What American Latino Magazine is doing for the Mariachi is invaluable. The Mariachi world; especially an American Latino Mariachi like myself, is proud to be featured. and videos at the speed of light with a click of the mouse. ALM: Other than playing around the world, what’s next for you? Carlos: You can go anywhere in the world and people know the music. It is important for me to keep the tradition of El Mariachi alive, but in a more technical up to date way. So many traditions are lost from generation to general. When I am performing people think I’m from Mexico but that is far from the truth. Yes I am of Mexican decent but I was born right here in Ventura County. When was the last time you saw TicketMaster advertising a Mariachi concert on TV. It is so expensive. If you know your craft and network at local events, people will follow your work. They’ll share your music photos, “I am American Latino!” Dance Gala & Dinner ® 500 N. Juanita Street, Oxnard, CA Featuring Mariachi and Orchestra For Tickets or Sponsorship Contact Anna Zaragoza 805-216-9745 ROSE RAMIREZ INDEPENDENT DESIGNER, #19274 805-509-1416 You deserve Roberto Garcia 805-217-7054 powerful identity theft protection. Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year, leading to enormous financial damage and other problems. Arm yourself against identity theft with identity monitoring and expert restoration from LegalShield. For a low monthly fee, you’ll rest assured that LegalShield can help you prevent identity theft and resolve identity theft issues if you are a victim. 8 MORTUARY AMERICAN LATINO MAGAZINE • BRINGING PEOPLE, BUSINESS AND CULTURE TOGETHER Your identity is personal.Keep it that way with LegalShield. LATINOSONLINE.COM LATINOSONLINE.COM Gino Gardino Independent Associate 310-292-0303 BRINGING PEOPLE, BUSINESS AND CULTURE TOGETHER • AMERICAN LATINO MAGAZINE 9